How Often Should I See a Personal Trainer?

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Most people who’ve just enlisted the services of a qualified personal trainer are chomping at the bit to exercise as much as they possibly can. However, more isn’t always better when it comes to getting fit – especially when first starting out. And if they start out with unrealistic goals of how often they should be going to personal training, chances are very good that they’ll fizzle out very quickly.

The number of times you should see your personal trainer will depend entirely on the below four factors:

Your Fitness Levels

When last did you break from a walk into a jog? Many personal training clients have never exercised in their lives, while others are athletes looking for an added edge. People of different fitness levels will require different training regimes, depending on what they’re capable of and where they see themselves during their fitness journey.

We recommend establishing a training calendar with your personal trainer in terms of how often you should be going to the gym. Remember not to train when your body’s isn’t feeling up to it. This is because your body isn’t performing at its peak so any strain you put on it will be detrimental.

Your Exercise Goals

Another factor to consider when deciding on training session frequency is your personal growth. Short-term goals, like dropping a dress size, usually come with a deadline (like your sister’s wedding!). In this case, you’ll need more sessions over a shorter space of time to ensure you achieve your mission. Long-term goals, on the other hand, might only need weekly check-ins to ensure consistency.

  • Short-term Goals: 2-4 times a week
  • Long-term Goals: 1-2 times a week
  • Ongoing Goals: 1-2 times a month

Be sure to complement your personal training routine with the right nutrition. Exercise alone will not help you to achieve your body goals. You need to eat foods that will help you gain lean muscle mass, such as lean chicken breasts, and you need to supplement your training routine with protein supplements such as whey protein.

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Your Finances

Let’s face it, choosing something like personal training almost always goes to that ‘money’ place, where we look at the financial impact it’ll have on our lives. Hiring a personal training shouldn’t bankrupt you, but you sure don’t want to base your choice of trainer on who’s the cheapest.

Do your research on trainers in your area and go with one that ticks most of your boxes. You also don’t want to let financial constraints persuade you to attend fewer sessions than you need. Remember that your frequency of sessions may decrease gradually as you get faster, stronger, and used to your training programme.

If you can’t afford one-on-one coaching sessions there’s also the option of online personal training. This usually comes in a lot cheaper as there are not many logistical costs involved and you will still reap the benefits of having a personal trainer.

Your Lifestyle

There are those who decide on personal goals and work ravenously to achieve them on their own, and then there are those who need a little motivating along the way. If you prefer the couch to the chest press, you might want to book more regular personal training sessions to keep yourself accountable. If you’re already leading an active lifestyle and find yourself in the gym most days of the week, you won’t need as many sessions as regularly. Make sure that the personal trainer’s motivational style – that you choose – works for you. If you don’t, he or she can be as motivating as you like but it won’t provide you with the results that you need.

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