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When things do go wrong with our golf game, our primary instinct is to question our technique. Of course, this might be where the problem lies. However, more often than you might think, a single focus on improving your physical conditioning may resolve – or at least improve – the situation.

You might walk a lot in golf however the top players (as well as good amateurs) have superb flexibility, mobility, stability as well as core strength. If the amateur golfer is lacking in those physical aspects, the ability to execute the golf swing in an effective manner is going to be limited. Then, what often transpires is that the body is not able to execute the golf swing correctly. So, compensation patterns are established and swing faults are the result.

Exercises To Keep You Fit For Golf

Split Squat

The split squat is a lower-body exercise which works on mobility, stability as well as strength. The narrow stance will lessen your base of support and also challenge your stability. In the slip squat, you’re primarily working your front leg, so make sure that you keep the bulk of your weight centred over the middle of your front foot.


Deadbugs are a phenomenal exercise for strengthening your core. You require strength in your midsection in order to be able to shift power from your lower body to your upper body when you’re doing the golf swing. During this exercise, it’s very important to keep your lower-back flat against the ground in order to ensure you’re working your abs.


There’s a very good reason push-ups are go-to exercises. When done correctly, push-ups can be very beneficial to your overall strength and to the golf swing. To set up properly for a push-up, put your hands underneath your shoulders and your feet shoulder-width apart. After this, squeeze your core and go to the top of a plank.

Your body should be moving as one piece with a regulated tempo to ensure that you are working the correct muscles. Essentially, the push-up is a moving plank so to ensure your push-ups are utilising your full range of motion, your chest and hips need to touch the floor on the way down. If doing push-ups is too difficult, elevate your hands onto the side of a couch, table or countertop. The higher your hands are, the easier the push-up will be.

What you’ve got to recognise is that basically the golf swing is a repetitive movement so you’re performing the same movement over and over again. With repetition comes fatigue as well as tightness. So, do a cool-down with some static stretching as well as self-mild fast relief exercises with a foam roller for several minutes after the round is over in order to help to create length within the body after it’s become fatigued and tight.

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