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If working out has grown to be too similar to work or if just thinking about exercising makes you want to have a nap, then you seriously need to rethink your workout routine. You know that you need to move in order to burn calories as well as get fit. However, but marshalling the motivation to do so is another matter entirely. And if you don’t feel motivated to work out, the odds are it’s as you’re not having any fun during their training sessions.

The main excuse for not exercising

The No. 1 reason why people say that they don’t get regular physical exercise is the lack of time. However, we’ll find time to do what’s we like doing. The great news here is that it is possible for you to get fit by playing, “Forget about ‘This kind of exercise does that’, and ‘That kind of exercise does this’.

It’s not difficult to see the loss of perspective on health, vitality as well as fitness which started in the fitness in addition to  sporting fields as early as the 1920s. Look at pictures of old-time gymnasiums. The focus switched from rings, monkey bars, vaulting as well as the odd implements such as Indian clubs and kettlebells towards benches and fixed weights in addition to various cardio machines.

In the world of sports, as athletes and organisers looked for better and better performances, we have seen demise of the amateur spirit of Olympic competition. While professionalism at sport has seen performances enhanced, growing standards have seen greater and greater specialisation necessary to succeed at the elite level.

Stir up your passion for fitness

Make play the workout

Remember imploring your mother to allow you to remain outside for five more minutes? Whatever you were doing it was too much fun to stop. The clue to fitting more activity into your life is remembering that joy of moving.

If you have kids, play backyard games like tag, hopscotch, and capture the flag. However, you don’t need children to play. Play basketball. Have a swim. Play tennis, volleyball, badminton, croquet or – alternatively – golf.

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Get up and dance

Don’t care much for sport? Don’t worry! Dancing is a fantastic way of getting in shape. With the wide variety of dances out there, there’s a style to appeal to everyone:

  • Ballroom,
  • Country and Western,
  • Salsa,
  • African,
  • Folk dancing, as well as
  • Square dancing.

If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry. Try belly dancing, hula, clogging or – alternatively – tap dancing.

One of the most recent (and most strenuous) physical fitness trends is Capoeira. This is a blend of dancing as well as martial arts. Capoeira was designed by slaves in Brazil who weren’t allowed to hold martial arts or weapons. This means that they created martial art which came from a part of Africa that’s now Angola. Capoeira looks as if it’s dancing and it’s all performed to music. They turn on their backs and heads making use of moves which could either be dancing or kickboxing.

Try out geocaching

Take the entire family (or a group of friends) on a geocaching escapade. Geocaching is a new adventure which involves using a handheld global positioning system (GPS) in order to discover a hidden cache of trinkets as well as  a logbook.

Staying fit and healthy doesn’t have to be boring. It’s all about doing what you enjoy and ensuring that your heart rate is elevated so that you maintain your cardiorespiratory fitness. Do you want to be a fitness guide for people and teach them new and innovative ways of becoming fit?

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