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When it comes down to exercise, the terms “stamina” and “endurance” are basically interchangeable. However, there are some subtle differences between these two.

The term ‘stamina’ refers to the mental and physical ability to sustain an activity for a long period of time. When individuals speak about stamina, they often use it to refer to the feeling of being peppy or energetic while performing a particular activity.

The term ‘endurance’ refers to your body’s physical capability in order to sustain an exercise for an extended period of time.

It’s made up of two components:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance, and
  2. Muscular endurance.

Cardiovascular endurance is the capacity of your heart as well as lungs to fuel your body with oxygen. Muscular endurance is the ability of your muscles to work continuously without getting tired.

What Happens When Stamina Is Increased

Sometime in the future, an activity which you find challenging now will feel extremely easy. When that happens, this means that you’ve increased your stamina. We’re not saying that a marathon will ever feel easy, but one day you’ll look back and see that what you find challenging at the moment will come much easier.

An increase in stamina comes from consistency, that means exercising multiple times per week for multiple weeks in order to accumulate fitness. There are no quick fixes if you would like to increase stamina.

It’s generally accepted that it takes 10 days to 4 weeks to benefit from exercise. The time will depend on the type of run, quicker and more intense bouts of exercise being on the lower end of the range with long steady exercise sessions being on the other higher end of the range.

The Best Way Of Increasing Stamina


Exercise could be the very last thing on your mind when you’re feeling low on energy however consistent exercise will assist you with building your stamina.

Results of a study showed that the participants who were suffering from work-related fatigue improved their energy levels after just six weeks of exercise intervention. They increased their work ability, sleep quality as well as cognitive functioning.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation can significantly increase your stamina as well as ability to handle stress. As part of a study from a couple of years ago, 27 medical students joined yoga and meditation classes for a period of six weeks. They saw significant improvements in stress levels as well as sense of well-being. They also reported increased levels of endurance and less fatigue.


Listening to music may increase your cardiac efficiency. Participants in a study had a lowered heart rate when exercising while listening to their chosen music. They were able to put forth less effort exercising when listening to music than when exercising without music.

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