How to exercise to boost your immune system

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We are all aware that exercise is fantastic for you because it helps you to stay fit, lose weight, and build muscle. However, what we often do not think about is how regular exercise can affect our general health and well-being. Aerobic exercises and cardiovascular workouts may help to improve blood flow and heart health as well as prevent other illnesses, however, can exercise really boost your immune system?

Is there any truth to the idea?

Studies show that being overweight and living a sedentary or inactive lifestyle can contribute to a low-functioning immune system. On the other hand, exercise and a generally active lifestyle showed an improvement in the body’s immune system, particularly in surveillance activity – which is when the immune system actively searches the body for infection. This suggests that those who lead a more active lifestyle are more likely to have a high-functioning immune system that will be more prepared for infections.

So, what kind of exercises should you be doing?

The general consensus on what kind of exercise would improve your immune system seems to be anything that will keep you active. In essence, running, skipping, yoga, or whatever feels right for you. It is all about staying active regularly and performing exercises that your body can handle while increasing your strength and bodily health. In fact, the above-mentioned study showed that even just a 30-minute walk every day could make a difference to your immune system’s function – so do not feel as though you need to push yourself to be extremely active.

In fact, that might be the worst thing that you could do!

Yes, too much exercise might actually be more damaging to your immune system than too little!

Overtraining and overworking your body can actually be detrimental to your health. By straining your body, working out for prolonged periods of time, and not giving yourself adequate time to rest between workouts you could see a decline in your performance and may experience chronic fatigue.

You may also see more injuries and changes to your mood, all of which can affect your immune system’s function. The reason for this is that when you push your body too hard for long periods of time your body can interpret these extended periods of activity as stress. Stress hormones can suppress the immune system, to your detriment, in order for you to escape the apparent threat.

Therefore, it is very important to listen to your body, speak to your doctor, and consult professional fitness specialists about your fitness routine. Too much exercise may be detrimental, but a moderate amount of activity designed for your fitness level could help to boost your immune system and prevent illness in the future!

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