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Less than 5% of adults actually take part in 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Everyone may begin the year with positive fitness goals that we eagerly follow up by heading to the gym and also nibbling on celery sticks.

Has working out just become too much like work? Or does just thinking about exercising and hitting the gym make you want to go lie down? You know that you need to move in order to burn calories as well as get fit, however, mustering the motivation is another matter. And if you’re not feeling motivated to exercise, chances are it’s because you’re not having any fun.

Make gym time fun time with these energising tips, and bust out of your workout rut.

Make Play Your Workout

Remember time when you would beg your mother to let you stay outside an extra five minutes? Whatever you happened to be doing – playing catch, skipping or riding your bike – it was just too much fun to quit. The key to including more exercise into your life is re-experiencing that joy of movement.

If you have kids, play backyard games like tag, hopscotch, and capture the flag. But you don’t need kids to play. Play basketball or go swimming. Play tennis, volleyball, badminton, croquet, or golf – whatever you enjoy doing.

Enjoy Exercising With A Friend

If you really struggle to get out of bed in the morning for a pre-work gym workout or come up with every excuse under the sun to avoid exercising after work, find a gym buddy. By going with a friend, you will have more motivation and will even be able to have a laugh in the process.

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Treat Yourself To Some New Kit

Working out in the same old kit isn’t going to do much for your motivation, so why not splurge on some new kit. A new training top, some new workout trainers, a nice piece of fitness tech so you can monitor your progress could all add up to extra motivation as you’ll be keen to try out your new kit. You could also go on a reward basis so that you provide yourself a treat in the form of some new gear whenever you achieve something towards your fitness or other goals.

When the exercise has finished (in other words, after you cool down), give yourself five minutes of relaxation. Just lie down supine on your mat and then let your body sink into the floor. Close your eyes and relax. Feel the effects that the exercise has had on your body. Look forward to the deep relaxation that may come after physical activity. You may find that you start to exercise just to experience this feeling.

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