How To Motivate Yourself To Keep With A Healthy Diet Plan

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It’s almost time for the whole “new year, new me” craze to take over the world. Yes, you promised you would do it last year already, but then 2020 happened and we needed to find comfort in the chaos. But now it’s time to end the pity party that was 2020 and embrace a healthier you in 2021.

8 Tips For Staying Motivated

  1. Regularly weigh yourself: Every day at the same time, weigh yourself. You’ll begin to notice trends with your weight and easily be able to identify when you’ve gained or lost weight. Losing weight is a great motivator to keep on pushing yourself while gaining weight will help you identify unhealthy habits that may have put you in this position.
  2. Invest in yourself: If you’re truly invested in making a healthy transition, don’t be afraid to put money behind your efforts. Speak to a health-care professional and follow their advice to ensure that you’re following the right programme. It’s also a nice touch to have someone around to motivate you and help you push yourself to be better.
  3. Start from scratch: If you’re looking to reinvent yourself in the new year, why not reinvent your kitchen and your eating habits as well? Throw out the junk and replace it with healthier alternatives.
  4. Plan in advance: If you know what you need to do, plan accordingly. Plan your shopping to meet the requirements of your eating planning. You are also able to prepare your meals in advance and store it in the fridge or freezer to reheat when you’re hungry. This also helps to reduce food wastage.Trifocus Fitness Academy - motivate
  5. Be realistic: When you set your nutrition goals, it’s important to be realistic. Trying to lose 10 kilograms in two weeks isn’t only difficult to do, but losing that much weight in an incredibly short period of time can be dangerous. The same can be said for setting fitness goals. Rather set multiple short-term goals that lead to the completion of the main goal.
  6. Treat yourself: Every time you achieve a milestone, find a way to reward your efforts. It doesn’t need to be a huge thing, something simple, like getting your nails done or going to the movies work too.
  7. Track your progress: a record of what you’re doing and the results. This will help you to see what works and what doesn’t, giving you the opportunity to make changes whenever necessary.
  8. Use the wonders of the internet: To keep things interesting, especially when it comes to meal prep, why not look for recipes that follow the same ingredient list that you’ve got on your eating plan. Investing in new appliances and gadgets are also a good way to ignite your passion for cooking and following your eating plan.

While it’s easy to be hard on ourselves when we slip up, you need to be forgiving. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a treat from time to time, and if you do happen to indulge, take it in your stride and don’t let it affect your mindset. One slip up isn’t the end of the world but throwing in the towel because things got difficult could be.

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