How To Use A Bosu Ball Correctly? Read this article.

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Are you curious about how to utilise a Bosu ball in your workouts? We’ve got you covered! If you haven’t seen a Bosu ball before, don’t worry — we’ve got you on that as well.

A Bosu ball — which appears to be an exercise ball that is cut in half — is inflated on one of the sides with a flat platform on the other side. You are able to find them at most gyms, sports stores and online.

The Bosu ball is a balance trainer and provides the user with an unstable surface on which to perform exercises which engage a number of different muscles. Utilising the Bosu ball will make your workout more challenging, and it’s a fabulous tool to mix things up. Another great benefit of the Bosu ball is that it’s versatile.

The magnificent thing about a Bosu is that you are able to perform all types of exercises with it — everything from leg exercises balancing on it, to core exercises as well as even upper-body and cardio work. In any of those situations, it simply adds an additional element of instability, which needs you to engage more of the small muscles in your core which help you control your body and stay balanced.

How The Bosu Ball Can Be Used


Utilise the Bosu ball for short bursts of cardio such as side lunges, plyo-lunges and over-the-top squat jumps. Also, you can utilise it as a move for choreographed workout routines.

Strength Training

With a Bosu ball, you can add a whole new challenge to your strength workouts with exercises like squats with an overhead press, lunges with biceps curls or – alternatively – push-ups. You can even utilise the Bosu ball as a weight bench in order to add a balance challenge during traditional weight work such as  chest presses.


Stand or kneel on the dome of the Bosu ball while doing traditional stretches such as the hamstring stretches or hip flexor stretches. Also, this adds instability to the exercise, so you should practise these while standing next to a wall until you become used to it.

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Sports Conditioning

Use the Bosu ball to perform sports drills, such as jumping. In addition, the Bosu ball can be used to perform plyometric movies like side leaps in order to boost performance and agility.

Core Training

Utilise it for abdominal exercises such as dead bug and v-sits, or for lower back exercises such as back extensions in order to target the core muscles.

Bosu ball exercises are the primary step to take on your next fitness challenge. So, don’t be shy. Ask your personal trainer to assist you. Buy a Bosu ball and start exercising at your home and see your physical fitness improve like never before. Take care!

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