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Working with a personal trainer and receiving a customised programme, motivation and expert coaching – to name but a few benefits – sounds very attractive. However, everyone can’t afford a personal trainer. More trainers are now offering their services online as this is a much cheaper alternative.

But this is the right option for you? This answer is going to vary from person to person. While some might find online coaching to be effective and time-efficient others prefer the personal touch that comes with being face to face with your personal trainer.

What exactly is an online personal trainer?

An online personal trainer is one of the most flexible and cost-effective ways of reaching your fitness goals. You can work out when and where it is most convenient for you because you don’t have to rely on someone else’s availability and location.

Every personal trainer runs their programmes differently. Most personal trainers provide their clients with workout programmes, ongoing support and nutrition and fitness guidance all tailored according to your own specific fitness goals

Some trainers are email-based and others do in-depth video coaching paired with an app that you can utilise in order to keep track of your progress and report to your personal trainer.

What do you get with online coaching?

There are different kinds of online training, as previously mentioned. No two clients should have the same programme because every client is different and has different needs, and goals.

Nutrition coaching should also be part of the plan. A diet plan can be disempowering because it takes away from the long-term decision-making process that you will need to achieve success. You will need to be able to make your own decisions regarding healthy nutrition for the rest of your life.

Some trainers will use a few different apps like Zoom and Skype for scheduled coaching calls. There are other fitness and nutrition apps that also make things easier and more accessible for both of you without constantly needing to text or email.

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Keeping track of workouts

Trainerize can be used to keep track of progress and you are able to log workouts. Your personal trainer will get a notification when you have completed a workout. They can also upload your workouts onto Trainerize and you can print them as a PDF document if needed. If you are honest about when you have completed workouts then this is a great way for your trainer to keep track and hold you accountable.

Nutrition coaching

There are apps on which you can log the food you consume and this app will also be able to be viewed by your personal trainer. An example of an app like this is MyFitnessPal.

How you are going to work out with an online personal trainer is going to depend on the trainer you choose and what your needs are. But there should definitely be good communication and ways of keeping track of your workouts.

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