Is Hula-Hooping A Beneficial Form Of Exercise? Find out more.

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Much like skipping, the humble hula hoop has long been associated with kiddie activities; however, following that very same thought, it’s also an activity overlooked when it comes to improving your fitness levels.

This simple, understated piece of exercise equipment is not only a fun activity that you can do with the kids – if you have any – but it’s also a fantastic workout. This makes it easier to continue doing, as past experience has shown us that we are more motivated to workout when we enjoy the exercises.

So, is the hula-hoop still just a glorified kid toy or is it really a reliable form of exercise? Simply put, yes, and well share the benefits of using this in your workout routine.

7 Benefits Of Hula Hooping

  1. It burns calories

One of the things we look to do when exercising is achieving a calorie deficit by burning more calories than we consume. Hula hooping is an aerobic exercise that burns almost the same number of calories as dancing. It’s been reported that during a 30-minute hula hopping session men can burn up to 200 calories and women around 165.

  1. Lose centimetres and burn fat

This ties in with our previous point. When you’re burning calories and losing weight, your body also becomes more tone and your body fat percentage begins to decrease. To increase the efficiency of this exercise, why not invest in a weighted hula hoop?

  1. Improve your fitness level

Cardio exercises train your heart and lungs, improving the oxygen flow within the body. This reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. It’ll also boost brain function, reduce stress, and help you to manage your cholesterol levels.

  1. Work your core

To keep the hoop moving your hips need to move to a constant rhythm in order to prevent it from falling. This means that your hip and core muscles need to be strong while promoting mobility. Regular hula hooping will help you train your hip muscles, obliques, and abdominal muscles.

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  1. Improved balance

To properly control your movements, you need to have good balance. This will also help you to exercise with correct form and can assist in improving your posture.

  1. Works the lower body

Of course, your core is not the only part of your body involved in the exercise, your lower body needs to help you stay in position too. Your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps will also get a workout as you try to maintain the circular motion.

  1. Involves the whole family

Finding a workout that the whole family will enjoy can be difficult, more so when there’s limited time available to do so. Kids will find it fun to do while the adults rediscover the power of their hips.

It’s Simple And Inexpensive

When it comes to working out, sometimes the simplest options provide the best workouts. While state-of-the-art gym equipment can give your workout a much-needed boost, it’s not always possible to get there. A hula hoop is a simple way to exercise whenever you have a gap.

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