Is Suspension Training Good For Building Muscle?

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Suspension training has traditionally been seen as a good exercise for developing stability. However, now there’s solid evidence that this sort of training should be taken seriously as a muscle-building tool.

In a study that was recently published, a group of experienced gym-goers – who all had at least four months of experience in terms of working with unstable training systems – performed press-ups using four different suspension training devices, in addition to their own bodyweight.

It was found that, on average, all four suspension training devices scored higher as opposed to the floor version of the exercise in terms of muscle activation.

The Best Way To Build Muscle

When it comes to working out in order to build muscle, you first need to assess your fitness goals.  Are you looking to:

  • Bulk up,
  • Gain strength, or
  • Get a combination of the two?

The reason that it is vital to figure out your goals before beginning a routine is that each piece of exercise equipment that can be found in the gym does something totally different for you. And that is true for suspension training as opposed to weight machines.

While you do build muscle using suspension training (especially muscles of your core), you are limited to the weight of your body in order to build that strength. A suspension trainer (cables) hangs from the wall. Then you hold on to them – either with your hands or feet through the loops -and do you’re the suspension training workout that you want to.

With weight machines, your range of motion is not as great as it is with suspension training however you can add more weight as you become stronger which leaves you with a lot of room to grow your muscles.

Many studies have shown that suspension training forces you to engage more muscles than you would with a traditional workout, especially the push-up. And, with the benefits that you get with engaging your core every single time, together with its compactness and diversity, the suspension trainer may just be the only tool you need in the gym.

What Are The Pros Of Suspension Training?

Offers A Wide Range Of Exercises

Squats, rows, presses, curls, extensions and raises – a suspension-training system is versatile to the extreme. Chances are very good that if you are able to do it with a free weight, you will be able to figure out a challenging variation with the suspension trainer.

Engages The Entire Body

In addition to core activation, a suspension trainer functionally integrates the whole posterior chain. This means that it hits the rear delts, traps, external obliques, spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings, and calves during most exercises that you perform with it.

Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

You are able to hook it to a door, a pole, a pullup bar or the top of a squat rack. With your own suspension system—which is very affordable—you are able to ensure that you never miss another workout, whether you’re at home or on the road.

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