How To Keep Your Health Club Busy During The Cold Months

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Anybody who has ever run their own fitness business will tell you that the winter months are some of the most challenging. This is if you want to keep your health club busy. There is something about the cold that keeps people indoors and out of the wind. This – at the end of the day – means far less of a turnout to your crisp winter morning  personal training sessions.

But you didn’t spend time and money on bootcamp courses in South Africa just to fall victim to our country’s cold months. So, to help you keep the wheels turning when winter puts an icy chill on your fitness business, here are a few ideas to keep your clients motivated and dedicated to their workout programme. All year round.

Build your customer database in the heat

Be sure to take time then to build you client database during the summer months. This is so that you can keep your health club busy during winter.

You’ll find that during this time, your website will be enjoying plenty of traffic (if you have one and it is good enough). In addition, you’ll find that your social media campaigns should be buzzing. This will give you the opportunity to build databases of past customers and those who are interested while they are still around.

A campaign with plenty of ‘calls-to-action’, subscriptions and loyalty programmes will make growing your database easier. While it will be hardwork growing your database, it will go a long way towards keeping things flowing in winter.

Says John Jantsch in 5 Ways to Make a Database For Your Customers:

“Standard marketing CRM type practice suggests that you should create and supplement a database of customers and prospects with the idea that you build more and more information to use to help build deeper relationships and create additional selling opportunities.”

Stay in touch with your customers keep your health club busy

Just because the cold is keeping your clients from your bootcamp, it doesn’t mean it has taken exercise off of their minds completely. This makes off-season communication fairly important which is where the database you previously created will come in handy.

Keep your social media campaigns active. Update your blog and find interesting ways of communicating with your clients and target audience to keep them interested and engaged in your bootcamp so that ultimately you can keep your health club busy.

Contextualise off-season marketing content

Turn the cold to your advantage by making a point of creating blogs or newsletters that address the issue of staying fit, healthy and motivated in winter. This will enable you to create a better relationship with your target audience while creating brand awareness. So, even if they don’t make it out during the winter, they will likely be interested once the sun finally comes out.

Some examples of the kinds of articles you could write include:

  • 10 Exercises That Are Perfect for Winter Training
  • Fight Winter Belly Fat with These Simple Tips
  • 5 Reasons to Get Outdoors This Winter
  • How to Stay Warm and Fit This Winter

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