#TrifocusBrandAmbassador, Michelle van Zyl, makes the top 32 in the USN Face of Fitness

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We are incredibly proud to announce that Michelle van Zyl – one of our #TrifocusBrandAmbassadors – has been chosen as one of the top 32 in this year’s USN Face of Fitness competition. We caught up with her recently to learn more about her fitness journey.

The start of her love affair with fitness

Michelle’s fitness journey started out quite by accident. “When I was 15, I happened to have an assessment at the gym which I attended quite infrequently.  It was a wake-up call and I realised I had to make some drastic adjustments to my lifestyle.

“I changed my diet – which consisted mainly of sugar – and started putting actual effort into my training. In one week I noted such a change that I was completely hooked!”

Michelle’s fitness regime

Michelle van Zyl’s fitness routine is pretty consistent. She trains six days a week and changes her weight training and cardio according to what her goal is at the time. “Currently, I’m doing shorter more intense weight and cardio sessions compared to what I’ve always done in the past. It’s really paying off. I love good food but I love being in shape more so my diet is clean all year round with a treat here and there when I’m not working towards a specific goal.”

Why Michelle entered the USN Face of Fitness

“I’ve always been an avid reader of Fitness Magazine and have considered entering numerous times before but have never felt quite ready,” says Michelle van Zyl. “So this year I saw it as an opportunity, a goal to work towards. If I win, I consider it a privilege to be able to inspire people towards developing a healthy and fit lifestyle.”

Michelle’s journey with Trifocus Fitness Academy

Trifocus Fitness Academy has been instrumental in Michelle’s life. “They’ve helped me grow my passion for fitness, my knowledge and my personal training business. They’ve made the process of studying so much easier. With my busy schedule, I love that their courses are available online and that I can study at my own pace and still have all the support I need. I feel confident knowing that I’m with the best fitness institution in South Africa!”

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