Magical tips to transform you into a morning workout person

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For many of us, who juggle a full-time job, the demands of the modern household, kids and pets, making time to work out means getting out of bed early in the morning. The question is, how to actually make it out from under the duvet? Here are seven tips to make it easier than ever to achieve that morning workout, every day!

1. Sleep in your gym gear. Or at least near it

So it might seem a little crazy to go to bed in your spandex leggings and sports top. But it will save you time in the morning. And you won’t have the excuse of “I don’t know where I put my sports bra!” to derail the mission of getting to your morning workout.

And if you simply can’t get into bed in your workout gear, at least lay it all out the night before so you can wake up, get dressed and get out of the house in 10 minutes flat.

2. Set a few alarms, and put some out of reach

Set more than one alarm (each a minute or two apart). And put them all over the house. This will force you to get out of bed to kill the alarms.

3. DO NOT hit snooze

The snooze button is not your friend and the arch enemy of your morning workout. Allowing yourself to snooze – even just for two more minutes – simply allows you to drift back towards sleep… and that’s not the goal. The minute your alarm goes off, get out of bed and don’t look back.

4. Make it a date

Commit to working out with a friend, especially one who will make you feel like a terrible letdown if you don’t make it.

Become a morning workout person

5. Go to bed early

If you don’t get enough sleep, there’s no way you’re going to survive a morning gym routine. Go to bed early enough that you actually get eight hours of sleep before your alarm goes off. And keep in mind that if you are doing regular, high-intensity workouts, sleep is a crucial to recovery. Another incentive to get to bed early is the fact that sleep deprivation has been linked to weight gain.

6. Grab an espresso on your way out the door

There are a host of benefits to consuming caffeine before a workout, not least of which is the boost of energy it gives you. So put your coffee into a takeaway mug and sip it on the way to the gym.

7. Bribe yourself with a reward

So you’ve been lusting after a new pair of shoes. Stick to the routine for say, three weeks, and then go get those shoes!

Try to pick rewards that won’t undermine your efforts at fitness, weight loss and health. After all, a celebratory slice of cake after every workout might be tasty but it totally undoes the hard work you do at the gym!

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