Samantha Wonfor, #TrifocusBrandAmbassador, tells us why she entered the Face of Fitness competition

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The final 32 competitors for the USN Face of Fitness competition will be announced tomorrow. Our very own #TrifocusBrandAmbassador, Samantha Wonfor, has entered this competition. We caught up with her before the big reveal.

I have always loved sport

Samantha Wonfor has always loved competing in different sports and fitness was just a natural progression from there. “I think the exact moment when I became interested in fitness was when I was about 15 or 16 and I often used to go to work with my dad during school holidays because they had a gym with a personal trainer. This was the first time I had ever done any sort of strength or weight  training, and ever since then I have been committed to living a healthy and fit life.”

A highly disciplined fitness and nutrition regime

Samantha Wonfor is currently being coached by Tarryn Zelow, who is the head female coach at Essie Aesthetics. Her nutrition regime presents a balanced approach to a restrictive calorie intake:

  • Samantha’s protein is kept high enough to maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Her carbohydrate intake is kept high enough to maintain her training intensity.
  • Her diet includes a healthy dose of fat to regulate hormone function.

A typical day will include six meals a day with fasted cardio in the morning. “As I wake up I  have 100g of papaya and a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice which is my favourite meal of the day. My fitness regime consists of a 45 – 60-minute focused workout, six days a week. I train certain muscle groups – such as glutes and hamstrings – twice a week as these are areas that I am currently focused on improving,” she says.

Samantha’s journey towards the USN Face of Fitness

“I entered the USN Face of Fitness,” she says, “because I want to share my journey and passion, helping others to improve their body and health awareness. I’ve always had a naturally lean and small frame and thought that I was fit and in shape. Once I started weight training, I quickly realised the positive effect training has on your body.”

Samantha would like to inspire and motivate women to start living healthier. Training boosts her confidence. She believes that – by entering this competition – she can truly be who she is and live out her passion for fitness and wellness.

The role of Trifocus Fitness Academy

Samantha says that Trifocus Fitness Academy has changed her life and the way she sees the fitness industry. “I was first introduced to Trifocus Fitness Academy about five years ago by a friend who was doing a Pilates course through them,” she says. “Ever since then, it has been my dream to be part of #TeamTrifocus.”

She ends off by saying that Trifocus Fitness Academy has helped her in her journey towards completing her Personal Training Course. This has equipped her with the necessary skills and valuable knowledge to assist  others in their journey towards a healthier fit lifestyle. “Fitness has become a way of life for me thanks to the guidance and support I have received from Trifocus Fitness Academy!”