Should You Offer Incentives to Potential Personal Training Clients?

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Thinking of making personal training your next career move? Learn from the best with an accredited personal training qualification. If you’re already a trainer, you’ll understand the importance of landing a few regular clients and keeping them. Whether you’re for or against incentivising potential personal training clients, we ‘re sure that you will agree that the personal training industry has boomed and will continue to boom for many years to come. Those trainers who offer the best incentives for hiring their services will more than likely end up with the lion’s share of clients. Here’s why.

Why to offer clients incentives

Humans and Incentives

Theorists have long been fascinated with the purpose behind our actions. Why do we do the things we do? Incentive theory emerged in the late 1940s. It suggests that we are pulled towards actions that we think will have positive outcomes. Likewise, most of us refrain from certain actions that we know will lead to negative outcomes.

To remain healthy and to sculpt a killer body are two things almost all of us want. We want people to recognise us. This means that we’re willing to do some crazy things to make that happen. Humans have been using incentives to achieve things since the dawn of mankind and this won’t end anytime soon.

So, is it OK to incentivise potential personal training clients to use your services? We say “yes1” as long as you’re offering your clients a world-class personal training session. You are, after all, there to help people improve their lifestyles.

Trifocus fitness academy - personal training clients

2 Considerations Regarding Incentive Theory

There are two important things to remember when using incentives:

  1. Incentives are only powerful of the person places importance on the rewards
    Offer the right incentive to the right audience. If your incentive is financially based, and money isn’t an issue to the potential clients, they won’t really care about whether or not you are offering discounts for your If they want what you’re offering, they’ll take it.
  2. Rewards need to be realistically obtainable in order to be motivating
    Think about the viability of your incentives. Are you offering 20% off when paying for a full year? Can the people in your target audience afford a once-off payment of that size? More importantly, is the discount that you’re offering hurting your bottom line so much so that you won’t be able to make a profit – even if it’s a small one?

Ways to Incentivise Potential Clients

Want to incentivise people to start using your services? Here’s how some trainers have done this in the past:

  • Offer the first training session for free,
  • Offer a discount when clients pay for sessions upfront,
  • Offer a free gym bag and water bottle when signing up as a personal training client, and
  • Offer something no other personal trainer does such as a tailor-made meal plan for the client.

How to Turn Your Health into Wealth

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