Six Reasons to hire a personal trainer

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Personal trainers used to be a perk afforded by the rich and famous. But since the benefits of training with a personal trainer are so powerful, hiring one is probably one of the best investments you can make. Besides, hiring a trainer doesn’t have to break the bank: You can team up with one or two friends and hire a trainer to do a small group class for you, thereby sharing the costs. Take a look at some of the big benefits of hiring a personal trainer.

1. You’ll see results

A personal trainer knows what your goals are: weight loss, greater fitness, more muscle tone, etc. And they know how to help you achieve those results. This is especially so because they give you individualised training so they can tailor your exercise programme to your needs and preferences. They track your progress and motivate you to reach even tough goals. They celebrate with you when you achieve these goals and then help you identify new goals.

2. You’ll stick to the programme

You’ve paid the personal trainer. He’s waiting for you at the gym and you know you just can’t let him down. You’re not going to ditch the gym for a sleep-in (or a movie night!). Instead, you actually work out.

3. You won’t suffer injuries

Personal trainers have to learn about safe training methodologies during their training. So you can rest assured that when you work out with a trainer, you’re not going to end up in the chiropractor’s office.  You’ll be taught how to work out with the correct form, and you’ll be supervised and supported. This also means if you have existing injuries or health concerns, your trainer can help you create an exercise programme that takes these into consideration.

Why you should hire a personal trainer
4. You won’t be bored

When you work out alone, boredom is a threat to your gym commitment. A personal trainer will give you varied, creative and engaging workouts. He’ll change these up often so your workouts will never be boring again! When your workouts excite you and challenge you, you sweat a little more (and you’re more likely to want to work out again).

5. You won’t cheat on your diet

Your personal trainer will ask what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. Which means you’re more likely to stick to your healthy diet if you hire a trainer.

6. You’ll be healthier

When you stick to a healthy diet, and you successfully exercise regularly, you enjoy good health. This is your best tool in the pursuit of a longer, happy life.

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