The Magic of the Smith Machine

The benefits of the smith machine
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The smith machine is one of those machines in the gym that many people dare not approach or use because they feel they will be criticised for using an ‘unsafe’ machine. It is a machine that everyone talks about but no-one really uses – or uses properly for that matter. Sure, it can be dangerous if not used properly. However, isn’t that the truth for all the machines in the gym? Surely they are all unsafe to people who do not know how to use them? This machine has been labelled as unsafe and a no-go. However,  people don’t know how to use it safely.

The Smith Machine Gives You Support in Various Barbell Exercises

This is because it uses a fixed up and down movement which  can be used to help you target weaker muscles or areas you feel you need to improve . However, it can also be dangerous if you do not know how to use the machine properly. So before you even give it a try, read up on it and make sure that you are aware of the risks and you know what to do.

The Smith Machine is very Useful and Versatile

It can be beneficial to many people with different goals who are aiming to target different parts of their bodies. For instance, a bodybuilder could use the machine to target a specific part of his quads. This is a body part that is impossible to target with any other exercise because this machine offers him the resistance he needs to target the muscle but also the stability and support to perform the exercise safely.

Women who want to focus on exercising their glutes can use the smith machine to isolate and target their glutes with added stability and support. The new gym-goer who has recently learned how squat properly – but would like some more practice before hitting the squat rack – can use the smith machine to practise his technique with the support the smith machine offers, provided his form is correct.

What about that guy with the back injury? He needs to keep as much weight as possible off his back. But he needs to squat. The smith machine will help him squat upright while offering support and stability throughout the move so he can squat safely. While there might be no control in movement using free weights, the smith machine does add some form of support and stability through various moves and allows exercisers to try different moves to target various areas and muscle groups safely.

The Smith Machine is Great for Those Working on Their Bodyweight Strength

This is because the bar can be used in various bodyweight training exercises like assisted pull-ups with your feet on the floor, which is a great way to start learning how to do pull-ups. In addition, the smith machine puts less stress on the body than free weights would, specifically on the joints.

So although there might be a lot of talk about the smith machine being dangerous, it should be noted that it can only be dangerous if used incorrectly. Proper form and technique are always the most important, not only when it comes to using the smith machine but any gym equipment, for that matter.

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