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With the world of social media continuing to grow and becoming such a large part of people’s lives if you want to get your name out there as a personal trainer you need to take your online presence seriously. Social media is not easy terrain to traverse if you do not have the knowledge about how it works and, in today’s climate, the market can seem a little oversaturated online. Therefore, you need to stand out and make sure that you make personal connections with your followers online. Here are our biggest tips for making the most of your social media and managing your online presence.

  1. Quality Over Quantity, But Quantity Does Matter

It may very well be the oldest phrase in the book, but when it comes to online content, quality is incredibly important. With the rise of influencers and professional social media marketing, a low-quality photo with a half-hearted caption is not going to cut it. Make sure to put effort into the content that you produce and ensure that every post that you send out represents who you are and what you stand for. That being said, with the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram at work, you need to post regularly in order to be visible to your followers. Do not spam their timeline with multiple posts a day, but make sure that you have content going out regularly so that you stay relevant and familiar to your audience.

  1. Plan Your Posts

A lot of people online do not plan the kinds of content that they are going to put out, opting for posting whatever they think of on the day. A better strategy to follow is to sit down and think out a plan of what kinds of things you want to post and on what days (even it’s rough!). Look at other personal trainer’s and fitness bloggers’s profiles and see what trends they are following and which posts of theirs are receiving a lot of engagement. It is important to understand what your potential audience enjoys and to make posts for them. It is also a phenomenal idea to change the kinds of posts you put out, from videos of workouts, photos of you and your clients, to motivational posts.

  1. Be Transparent

In order to build good relationships with your online followers, they need to know who you are. While talking about the services that you offer is important, in the online arena, there are many personal trainers who are doing the same thing. Stand out from the crowd and make yourself relatable, by sharing your story about who you are as well as why you do what you do. Another great way to make yourself accessible to potential clients is to be transparent about your business and the world of personal training, by talking about and answering frequently asked questions about the misconceptions that people have about personal trainers. While you may think that this might turn people away from your business, it can actually have the opposite effect, as by being open about things that might be making your customers nervous you can build trust and break down the common misconceptions at the same time.

  1. Conversation versus Speech

The most important thing which you need to remember about social media is that everything that happens online is a conversation, not a speech being presented to your followers. Unlike print media, social media allows your audience to talk directly to you, engaging with your content directly via comments and direct messages. Make sure to engage back – reply to their comments and messages and get involved in the conversation. Don’t be that person who just posts motivational quotes and beautiful photos but never talks to their followers. See your followers as friends and potential clients, and then talk to them as such. This is the number one way to build successful relationships online and it cannot be ignored!

Simply put, in this day and age, social media is unavoidable. If you want to make the most of your online presence make sure to remember the key things; post quality content consistently, plan what you want to say, be open and available, and communicate with you followers.

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