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If your passion is fitness and health and you are self motivated, consider a career in the exciting world of personal training. It’s easy with the right personal trainer course behind you.

Steering athletes and sportsmen to meet their fitness goals or helping others enhance their quality of life is very rewarding. The flexibility and working environment personal training offers is a definite perk of the position.

You get to shape and mould the body and see the client blossom with success. Furthermore, inspiring people to live vibrant, healthy lives and appreciate the importance of good health.

Take your enthusiasm to the next level

So you love physical exercise and enjoy the gym. You are the confidant when someone wants advice on health. Perhaps it’s time to consider a personal training course so you are able to turn your hobby into a career.

Obtain expert knowledge and understand the human body and all its complexities through a fitness course. There are a number of excellent courses to start you out.

Online studies are definitely encouraged as you can start immediately and will find they are more cost effective and easier to fit into your daily schedule. There are a number of packages to choose from or you could opt for individual certificates that appeal to you.

Striving towards your goal

A great way to start out is with the Occupational skills Certificate NQF5. The course includes a group instructor course and a REPSSA Membership and allows you local and international opportunities as a personal trainer of fitness instructor. This three month course enables you to work on cruise ships, open a training business or work in a commercial gym. You learn everything required to be a first-class personal trainer.

The Personal Training Certificate or National Certificate of Fitness is the standard course you are expected to complete when working in South Africa and gives you the full qualifications required for Personal training.

This package provides additional courses such as Group Instructor Course, the online Bootcamp course, a Sports Psychology course which you may complete at your own pace.

This in-depth course will take between eight to twelve months to complete and will open doors to all gyms, local and International, private training facilities, group training facilities, rehabilitation facilities and cruise liners.

Receive advanced knowledge with the additional courses added and they internationally endorsed.

The most advanced Personal trainer package is the Trifocus Platinum Package which is the most advanced currently available in South Africa. Become a master personal trainer with the added courses in the package.

You will receive a Personal Training Certificate and a Personal Training Diploma. Included in this package is the Group Instructor Course, the online Bootcamp Course, the Sports Psychology course, a Life Coaching Certificate, a Sports Nutrition Diploma (UK) as well as a Social Media Management course which can be completed at your own pace.

Enjoy the Extra Courses Included in each Package from Trifocus Fitness Academy

Life coaching has become popular throughout the world to help us cope with our demanding lives. It enables you to understand your client’s goals and how to achieve them. You could start your own successful Life Coaching business.

The online Bootcamp course is a popular outdoor fitness course and is backed by science. You learn high-quality personal training which guarantees you and excellent basic foundation.

The Sports Psychology course which does not permit one to identify and treat psychological disorders but helps you to deal with personal issues involved.

The purpose of this course is to improve the athlete’s performance by understanding what drives them as well as assisting them to overcome any mental barrier they may have.

This is a highly recommended course for those who decide to work with professional sports teams as well as high schools and amateur leagues.

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If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, take a look at the wide assortment of specialised, fully accredited, online personal trainer courses offered by us here at the Trifocus Fitness Academy. Contact one of our representatives today for more details, or visit our website for information on our offers.

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