Benefits of a Strong Core

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Expert personal trainers say that there is a widespread, uninformed belief that the core is simply another word for abdominal muscles or – more commonly – abs. This is not true. The core consists of a variety of muscles of the trunk and lower body. It serves a very important purpose in your fitness journey and everyday life. This means it’s vital to have a strong core.

What Muscles Make up a Strong Core?

Your core – say personal trainers – is made up of the muscles in your midsection including the front, back and sides. Your major core muscle are the:

  • Pelvic floor,
  • Diaphragm,
  • Tranverse abdominis,
  • Internal and external obliques,
  • Rectus abdominis,
  • Erector spinae, and
  • Multifidus.

Minor core muscles are the:

  • Latissimus dorsi,
  • Gluteus maximus, and
  • Trapezius.

All of these muscles work together  as the stabilizers in your body. These improve your stability and balance. They allow you to do a variety of complex daily movements from performing the perfect squat to rotating your spine. The core is used in almost every movement of the human body.

Nine Reasons Why You Need To Have A Strong Core

Reason #1

A strong core helps to prevent injuries as it supports your:

  • Spine,
  • Joints, and
  • Pelvis.

Reason #2

A strong core improves your strength. Having a strong core means you can lift heavier weights with a persononal trainer at the gym more easily. This will improve your strength over time.

Reason #3

A strong core supports your spine as well as preventing lower back pain and injury.

Reason #4

A strong core keeps you from slouching, which in turn keeps the pressure off your lower back.

Reason #5

Strengthening your core will help you improve your balance and stability.

Reason #6

A stronger core means you can exercise harder, for longer, keep those unwanted kgs off, which in turn decreases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.

Reason #7

There will be less pressure and chance of injury on your knees, hips and ankles if your core is strong as your body is well balanced.

Reason #8

A strong core will help you perform everyday tasks and activities easily and without the risk of injury.

Reason #9

Every movement of the human body is affected by the core. This means that every sports movement relies on the strength of the core. The stronger the core, the better your sports performance regardless of the type of sport you’re doing.

As you can see, it is important to strengthen and exercise your core continually. There are hundreds of exercises and movements that you can incorporate into your training plan to help you enhance your core strength. Overall, a strong core leads to a better quality of life and movement.