#TeamTrifocus Brand Ambassador, Owen Dunderdale

#TeamTrifocus Brand Ambassador, Owen Dunderdale
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Owen Dunderdale is 26 and is a registered dietitian. He is 1.7m tall, weighing in at 88kg off season and 77kg in season. A proud member of #TeamTrifocus, we caught up with him.

What is your background in the fitness industry?

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. So much so that I have made it my career. I’m an avid bodybuilding competitor who has been involved in weight-training for the past 10 years.

When I started out, I had built a good foundation. I was told by local bodybuilders to prep for a show. I stood on stage for the first time in June 2014 and have been a competitive athlete ever since.

I started weight-training in grade 11 as a 55kg boy who was self-conscious about his weight and visual appearance. I began to learn and acquire knowledge through practice and research, eventually becoming the man that I am today.

Prior to weight-training; I played provincial squash for the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) u19 team. I also participated in athletics and cricket throughout my schooling career at Westville Boys’ High School. Sport and training (whether cardio or weight-training) has always played a pivotal role in my life. Training has developed my confidence and outlook on life. I seek to improve my physique and assist others on their health and fitness journey.

My achievements and awards in bodybuilding are as follows:

  • 1st place u80kg Gauteng North Provincials 201
  • 2nd place u80kg H&H classic 2016
  • 2nd place North West Intermediate show 2016
  • 3rd place East Coast Classic
  • u75kg 2015>WBFF fitness model 2014

Why do you love competing and the fitness lifestyle?

I love competing as it gives me both short-term and long-term goals. I aim to to improve size, symmetry and condition from show to show. Without these competitive goals, I tend to lose focus in the gym. I always ensure that I have both ‘off season’ and ‘in season’ goals to keep me motivated and maintain a six-pack year round. The fitness lifestyle is fantastic as it brings people together, people who are on the same journey.

How has #TeamTrifocus advanced your career and passion?

#TeamTrifocus has been exceptional in building my knowledge base through the detailed online courses. The online education has taught me vast amounts about biomechanics, anatomy, communication, how to handle disabilities in sport, etc.

They have really given me the opportunity to be able to take my career in health and fitness to the next level! I cannot thank Trifocus FItness Academy enough for their generosity and professionalism.

Which #TeamTrifocus courses did you do/are you doing at the moment?

I am currently doing the Personal Training Certification.

What is your favourite exercise and why?

Deadlifts, which are key for strength and overall back development. They also give me a feeling of power when performing them.

What is your favourite body part to train?

This has to be my shoulders, specifically my deltoids.

What is your prefered type of exercise or training?

Resistance training specifically strength and hypertrophy-based training as my goal is muscle- building.

How do you stay in shape?

As a dietitian, healthy food choices are a MUST for me! I firmly believe in the saying ‘Practice what you Preach’.

By training regularly and keeping my diet in check, I’m able to stay in good shape all year round.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get healthy, aspiring fitness models or someone thinking of competing?

Take the first step! Write down your fitness goals and then find a credible coach to assist you. Everyone was once where you are currently, so allow this to motivate you.

What is the most valuable knowledge you have learned from your #TeamTrifocus fitness courses?

All information related to anatomy and biomechanics. This has allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of how muscles function, allowing for improved mind-to-muscle connection in the gym. Apart from this, I’ve learnt a lot about marketing and management with regards to starting my own business.

Which course/courses would you recommend to others, and why?

  • Personal Training Diploma: This course gives In-depth knowledge and insight into the world of personal training,
  • Specialised Nutrition Course: Nutrition is KEY for optional performance and results. It is thus of high importance for all people to understand.
  • Life Coaching Certification: A lot of people lack motivation in everyday life. This course will teach a coach the tools to tackle physiological difficulties.

What advice do you have for newbies/people just embarking on their journey in the fitness industry?

Make training your escape from work and life. Learn to love the fitness lifestyle. Enjoy the results. Each session is a step further towards your goal.

What keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from a fire within me,. Looking at how far I’ve come shows me I can achieve even more. I envision my goal physique and aim to bring something close to that standard at each successive show.

What is your favourite motivational quote?

“Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.” – unknown