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If you are looking to build strength but are finding your regular HIIT training and bodyweight training a little repetitive, you might want to give Olympic Lifting a try. You might have seen videos on Instagram or people at the gym performing incredible moves that look amazing but seem too intimidating, but do not be discouraged – as long as you go about it the right way, Olympic Lifting can be an incredible way to build muscle and increase your strength.

What Is Olympic Lifting?

Olympic Lifting is a form of weightlifting that stems from the lifting performed at the Olympic Games. Moves such as the Snatch and Clean-and-jerk are used to judge strength and form, with the main goal of this style of lifting being moving a very heavy weight off of the ground and above your head in a controlled manner. You might be thinking. I’m not an Olympic athlete, so why would I be doing this? In previous years Olympic Lifting has become more mainstream, with more people including these styles of lifts in their workout routines because of the many benefits!

What Are The Benefits?

Apart from the general benefits of building strength and muscle, Olympic Lifts have a few other added benefits. Due to the extreme weights used in Olympic Lifting these style of lifts are a full-body experience. You are engaging muscle groups all over your body as you perform as therefore, as well as building strength, you are engaging with your body and its movements, which will help you to improve balance, posture, and form.

What Should You Know Before You Start?

One thing that is very important to note before you jump right into Olympic Lifting is that these lifts are not something that you can just start doing. Due to the large amounts of weight you are required to shift, you need to know the exact techniques in order to perform these lifts correctly. It is recommended that you find someone with the knowhow to coach you and watch your form to make sure that you do not injure yourself. Start small and controlled and get to know the movements before you start using weights!

What Kind of Olympic Lifts Are There?

When you get started there are two moves that you will probably get to know quite well, the above mentioned Clean-and-Jerk and the Barbell Snatch.

The Clean-and-Jerk involves lifting a weighted barbell off of the ground, onto your shoulders, and then squatting briefly before standing up straight.

The Barbell Snatch involves raising a weighted barbell up off of the ground and up over your head in one fluid motion.

There are many benefits to Olympic Lifting, from improving muscle tone and strength, increasing speed and agility, and enhancing your balance and reaction times – do not be afraid to give it a try as something to add variety to your workout routine.

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