The Benefits and Opportunities of Studying Sports Administration

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Whether its managing and marketing sports clubs or fitness centres, timetables, signing up new talent, representing athletes; and helping them develop personally and professionally, strong sports administration skills are critical. It is definitely worth while to consider studying a sport administration course.

To be a successful sports administrator you must have a strong interest in sport and recreation. You should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and sound business ability.

For a limited time only, Trifocus Fitness Academy is offering a FREE Sports Administration course if you register for our Soccer Coaching course. So, why not put the administration skills you will learn into practice and become a well-known soccer coach.

With a sports administration career you will get to work in a field you love and interact with others who share your passion for sport. With your unique talents there is an exciting, fast-paced career ahead of you. There are many opportunities available, including managing school, college and professional organisational programmes, or you could become an athletic director.

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With our Soccer Coaching course you can make a difference in the lives of children by putting your coaching skills and Sports Administration course skills into practice, by promoting physical fitness and showing the value of teamwork and supporting an active lifestyle.

With all these benefits and opportunities why are you hesitating – register today!

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