The Best Way To Get Most Out Of Your Walking Workout

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Of all the ways to remain fit, walking is the easiest, safest as well as cheapest. In addition, It can be the most fun: a fine day, a good companion, an achievable goal (say, a pretty spot) three or four kilometres away. On city streets, in the woods, or just round and round the high school field, walking is the best way in order to experience a landscape. If it’s too rainy for anything else but a treadmill indoors, at least you can read your favourite magazine or watch TV. And after your workout, you know that you’ve done yourself some good.

And while it’s perfectly fine to keep your walks easy and sauntering, particularly if they’re mainly for fresh air or mental-health reasons, there are also a lot of ways to make them challenging enough that your walks will feel like a moderate to intense training session.

That’s key.

Making the shift begins with intention. Know the difference between a leisure walk and a fitness walk. If you are going to walk for a workout, identify that before you go, and set yourself up for achievement before you go out.

A Simple Workout

Unlike so many other formats of exercise, walking is not about gear, clothes or expertise. It does not need a gym, and it’s easy, cheap, and extremely kind to the body. Walking just for the sake of taking a walk is emotionally – in addition to physically – pleasing. Walking just for the sake of getting somewhere is cheaper and easier on the planet as opposed to driving. And for whatever motivation you find yourself walking, it’s a fantastic form of exercise.

Up Your Frequency

Try to walk quickly for at least half an hour each and every single day or, alternatively, one hour, four times a week. If you aren’t able to work that into your schedule, try more frequent, shorter walks. Skip elevators and escalators and rather take the stairs. Leave your car at home and then walk to a friend’s house. Walk to work.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - workout

Measure Your Daily Steps

Get a pedometer and monitor how many steps you take every day. Aim for 3 000 and then attempt to work up to at least 5 000 steps in the course of your daily activities. If you would like to go faster, rather than taking longer steps, take faster steps. Lengthening your stride may increase strain on your feet as well as your legs.

Swing Your Arms

One great option is to bend them at 90 degrees and then pump from the shoulder, such as race walkers do. Swing them easily, as if you’re reaching for your wallet in the back pocket of your jeans. On the swing forward, your wrist needs to be near the centre of your chest.

Move your arms against your legs. Swing your right arm forwards as you step forward with your left leg. Make sure that you keep your wrists straight, your hands unclenched, and then elbows close to your sides. The vigorous arm pumping allows for a faster pace and offers a good workout for your upper body. And you’ll burn 5 to 10% more calories.

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