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Breathing is a vital mechanical function requiring the integrated and coordinated action of several muscle groups if you are consciously aware of it or not. Proper breathing, while exercising, is a crucial component of healthy and effective fitness. A mindful effort is needed to ensure that breathing is in rhythm with the movements of the body. Proper breathing technique when exercising ensures that you get the most out of your performance in addition to remaining safe.

Breathing while running

Give your breathing a chance to fall into a steady rhythm which corresponds with your strides. Doing so has the effect of optimising the amount of oxygen your body takes in as well as the amount of carbon dioxide it expels.

Try to inhale always on one set of strides while exhaling on another set. An excellent method for tracking your breathing is the 3:2 inhale-to-exhale ratio:

  • Inhale completely on a set of left-right-left strides.
  • Exhale fully on the next set of right-left strides.

For your body to become comfortable with this type of breathing, run first at a pace that comfortably allows you to undertake this breathing exercise.

Breathing while strength training

Breathing correctly during strength training exercises is vital. Any exercise that necessitates lifting, pushing or pulling is very taxing on the body as well as heart rate. Always exhale in the exertion.

A good example is the bench press. As you push the weight up, exhale slowly during the motion. Inhale as you start to bring the weight back down towards your chest. Remember to exhale fully in order to expel all of the carbon dioxide from your lungs.

Continuous breathing

During any exercise, it’s essential that you focus on always moving air in and out of your body efficiently. Some exercises, especially heaving lifting exercises, may seem to be completed more easily if holding the great.

Holding your breath in during exertion can cause your blood pressure to rise. This can also result in decreased flow of blood to the brain. Both can have adverse effects on the body. Constant airflow through your lungs is crucial for healthy, effective exercise. If you can’t perform a strength training exercise without breathing properly, there is a fair chance you’re using too much weight.

Breathing through the nose

When you run at a slow to moderate pace, or when you perform an easy aerobic exercise, attempt inhale through your nose. Slow inhaling through your nose assist with getting you into a rhythm and stabilises the heart rate. This is not possible once you reach certain intensity in an exercise however make a mindful effort to inhale fully through your nose for as long as it’s comfortable to do so and does not affect your performance. Exhale fully through your mouth.

Focus on breathing

Focusing on breathing may be an understandable part of any exercise however it’s very common for runners to engage in the conversation when running with a partner or group. Although many can normally run while talking the breathing rhythm is affected and can be harmful. Talking while exercising can also cause loss of focus as well as concentration, which takes away from the effectiveness of the exercise.

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