The Psychological Traits Behind Managing and Coaching People

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What separates the greatest people – who undertake managing and coaching  – from the rest? How do they consistently get the best out of their staff or clients, with seemingly little effort?

It’s not just their good looks, their charm or their smarts. It’s in the way their minds work; the way they think, and how they see the world.

Take a look at the seven psychological traits that make people – who undertake managing and coaching – the best.

Traits of Good Life Coaches

An irresistibly good attitude

A good coach is possibly one of the most positive types of people. They are also balanced, friendly, professional and they’re always game for a challenge.

Even when they have to complete the tasks they dislike, they do it with grace. They’re pragmatic and reliable.

They’re super motivators

The best, who undertake managing and coaching know how to motivate you – the individual – to get through some mountainous work task (or a daunting training schedule). Essentially, they help you master your own fears and uncertainties, and they guide you through it all.

They figure out what makes you tick – be it fame and glory, or a bonus.

They call a spade, a spade

Good coaches are not afraid to try new ways to interact with people. They are honest and know for their direct approach and transparency. They don’t play games, and they don’t use metaphors. It means they get what they want. They don’t lie and you always know what they expect of you and where you stand with them.


Maturity and age aren’t the same thing. Age does bring wisdom, but maturity means knowing what to do with that wisdom.

A mature person takes responsibility for himself, his actions and his thoughts. He is honest with himself, and knows what he’s capable of.

Good coaches are sincere and really care about their clients’ well being. They always want to assist their clients wherever possible and are happy to go above and beyond expectations.

Open-minded and flexible

If you’re not prepared to think outside of your own paradigms, you won’t become the type of coach/manager we’re talking about. To really ascend to superstar status, you need to be adaptable – having an open mind will help you get there.

All about accountability

In the workplace (or at the gym), as in life, we all have certain responsibilities and obligations. Understanding what they are is key. Likewise, knowing how to admit when we’ve failed to accomplish these, and how we’re going to fix it.

Good coaches can be trusted to keep everything that is discussed during a session confidential, no matter what. A great person who undertakes managing and coaching knows this. And he’s a stickler for it.

Walk the talk

Great coaches walk the talk and live by their own rules. Clients who get to see a coach’s principles and beliefs in real life becomes an inspiration for them.

Excellent leaders aren’t afraid to do the grunt-work, if it’s needed. They understand that sometimes, the best way to get their staff/clients to feel motivated is if they lead by doing.

Develop talent when they find it

Good coaches are extremely observant and can easily read between the lines. A truly great manager/coach will see talent and instead of being threatened (or choosing to downplay it) he’ll do everything he can to develop that talent.

Focused and Dedicated

Great coaches are not easily distracted and can manage to focus only on their clients’ needs during a session. They understand that it takes time to make big changes and see results. A good coach will work alongside their client to ensure that he achieves his goals.

Be authentic

It is important for a coach to be authentic and transparent. A good coach does not pretend to be what he is not and is there to guide their clients to become a better version of themselves.

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