The Secrets Of Successful Life Coaches

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Are you feeling a bit lost in life? Are you not sure about your career or the life path you are on? Are you struggling with a big decision? Do you need some motivation to get you amped for life and your purpose? It might be time to consider delving into the world of life coaches.

Life coaches are essentially people who specialise in helping and motivating other people. Issues that they specialise in are big decisions, life or career paths, helping them find their purpose or simply just motivating them to find that one thing that they are passionate about and giving them the tools to pursue it. Sometimes, all we need is a little push in the right direction, a different perspective, and a kind word. So, what are the secrets of successful life coaches? What makes them extraordinary? (PS: After reading this article, and you are super inspired to become a life coach yourself, the best course to help you reach your dream is Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Life Coaching Certification which is accredited through COMENSA. Click here to find out more.)

1. Life coaches are self-motivated and motivating

Being a life coach means you need to be able to motivate people instantly and extremely consistently. However, it’s impossible to motivate someone else if you yourself aren’t motivated. Therefore, a successful life coach is self-motivated. They are always positive and never let their emotions keep them from doing their job.

Experts at the International Coach Academy agree:

“Clients will often begin to work on a project/task/objective with a high degree of enthusiasm and energy. This enthusiasm and high energy tend to wane off with the passage of time. As a coaches we need to help our clients to be self-motivated on an ongoing basis so that they take and continue to take the required actions which will help them move closer to their desired goal.”

2. Life coaches are honest

Honesty is a very important, essential trait that life coaches need to have. They should be able to speak the truth, even if it is difficult and especially when their clients do not want to hear it. All great life coaches are incredibly honest and open.

3. Life coaches know how to listen

An essential part of being a life coach is being able to listen to your clients. Sometimes, all someone needs is a person to them. There be several times where you will need to be patient, listen and pay attention to your clients.

Experts at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy have this to say:

“Of course we must not only listen to our clients, but we need to truly hear them.  Hear their intent, their fears, their longing, their joy and their underlying needs.  We cannot be expected to deeply serve them if we don’t listen and hear … However listening as a life coach is so powerfully important for more than this.  Have you ever considered how the quality of your listening impacts the quality of the questions you ask?  How the quality of your listening also impacts the clients ability for them to hear themselves at a deeper level?  That level where their intuition, spirit, heart and soul speaks?

4. They love helping people

Being a life coach is all about helping people. This means that if you love helping people, life coaching could be the perfect occupation for you. Life coaches help people in so many ways. For example, the listen to their clients, they debate with them, they reason with them as well as support, motivate and inspire them through their journey. The life coach’s main role is to help their clients become the best versions of themselves.

5. They do not take things personally

They simply can’t. As a life coach, you will have to connect with your clients on a personal level in order to effectively help them. However, you need to be able to compartmentalise your sessions. This is so that you do not take what they say personally. Often, even if it seems like someone is being hurtful, it is simply because they are hurting and are trying to communicate.

6. They have experience

The best life coaches have gone through tough times themselves. How can you help someone through tough times if you haven’t experienced tough times yourself? Being able to relate to your clients very important.

What makes a great life coach? Well, there are several important traits that a successful life coach has. However, the most important of all is the desire to help others.