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Much like any other industry, personal training is dynamic, ever-evolving and anything but stagnant (if you will pardon the pun). Behind every trainer out there is an extensive body of knowledge which has been founded on careful research; research that is continually shaping the way personal trainers conduct sessions and build routines. Every day we come a little closer to a complete understanding of the human body, how it performs and what it requires; and so it only makes sense that the fitness industry should change alongside it.

With that said, trends and popular approaches to training occur in the industry all the time; fuelled by new insights and budding technologies they seek to enhance the performance of athletes, get better results from training sessions and give trainers and athletes alike a new perspective on fitness. To celebrate these trends (and of course to keep you in the loop), here are some of the top trending approaches to personal training that are taking place right now.

Fitness Trends

Sprint Interval Training

This cardiovascular approach to exercising combines short but intensive intervals of anaerobic exercise with brief recovery periods of less stringent workouts. This is kept up until burning out in most cases.

There are a number of benefits to sprint interval training. It is widely regarded as one of the most efficient workouts, taking up less time while delivering benefits in shorter times. Additionally it is very effective for weight loss, fosters a healthier heart and also increases speed and endurance.

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Yoga, as a discipline is growing rapidly in the western world, and for good reason. It takes a holistic approach to strengthening and stabilising the body while also having profound advantages on internal organs, energy levels, mood and flexibility.

It combines slow, fluid movements and intricate poses to strengthen and balance the body; as well as deep, rhythmic breathing and bodily awareness to make it an exceptionally well-rounded approach to working out.

Mental Wellness

Following a similar approach to Yoga, meditation has become a useful tool in the modern-world for managing stress and our moods. Mental wellbeing has come to play an important role in taking care of ourselves, which is why many personal trainers have been incorporating meditation into their fitness routines.

For many, it’s a massive part of the motivation process; as it should be, meditation has shown to have a great many benefits on overall health, as well as a person’s attitude to general fitness.

Micro-measuring Results with the Help of Wearable Technology

Few things can motivate a session like accountability and immediately viewable results. And while clients can’t expect to get a six-pack after a single session, they can see how much closer they are to seeing one by counting calories burnt, viewing their heart-rate and measuring results in real-time.

Smart-watches and fitness apps are everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes. This is something that personal trainers have wizened up to, and are incorporating this kind of tech in their routines. It helps hold clients accountable to their goals, which is great for motivating them, which makes success all the more attainable.

A High Demand for Certification

While a need for certification has always been an important part of the fitness industry, we are now living squarely in the world of professionals; which means that accreditation counts as much now as it ever has. Furthermore, people are looking towards specialists for various fields of fitness, such as sports psychologists, mind-body specialists and suspension trainers.

With that in mind, personal trainers are adding to their repertoire by taking accredited courses on these fields, which means that there are more specialisations on the market.

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