Why You Should Train Your Weakest Body Part First

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If you have a certain fitness goal – whether it is to get fitter, lose weight, build muscle or get your physique to the next level – there are many, many different factors, methods, procedures and elements to consider that target each body part in turn.

Regardless of what your goal is, your diet and your training need to be your main focus. Not only will you have to follow strict regimes and protocols, but you will also need to have your diet and training plans worked out based on your needs, fitness and strength levels as well as your genetics to suit your goals.

We All Have A Body Part That We Struggle To Improve…

Weak points – or weak body parts – are because of genetics or a lack of proper exercise technique. So regardless of what your fitness goal is, one of the most important things you will need to focus on, and include, in your fitness routine is improving your weak body parts.

There are many ways to target those weak spots that will not only help you improve your physique but also your body symmetry, overall strength, stability, balance and health, which will just help you reach those fitness goals that much sooner. (Why not check out one of Trifocus Fitness Academy’s accredited fitness courses which will show you how to do this? Our Personal Training Course is just one of these. Click here to find out more.)

Our Weak Body Parts Are Linked To Exercises We Do Not Enjoy

Of course, we love doing what we’re good at but neglecting to work these body parts – or performing exercises or movements that are key in muscle development – could lead to a decrease in, or lack of, development.

However, it is no use starting to exercise your weak points without a plan. Having a structured training plan in place is key to developing and bringing up those weak parts. One of the most effective ways of improving weak body parts is to focus on these muscle groups in the beginning of your training week or training session.

Why Do You Need To Train Your Weakest Body Parts First?

How effective is this practice in improving your lagging body parts and why? Well, with priority training – meaning that you prioritise certain body parts or exercises above others – you have the most energy, power and strength at the beginning of your training session. This means you have to use that to your advantage. Not only are you stronger and more energised physically but you are also fresh mentally which will influence how hard you push or how soon you give up.

Your Weak Body Parts Will Benefit From Physical And Mental Strength

These weak body parts will also benefit from freshness and energy. Upping your energy while working hard on your weak body parts will already make a big difference to your results. In addition, scheduling a weak body part right after your rest day will also affect how hard your work these areas and how much you benefit from recovered muscles, high energy levels as well as mental and physical strength.

You will need to be careful, though, and this is where proper planning, strategy and strict regimes come into play. Overtraining will also halt your progress. Therefore it is important to balance training hard with sufficient resting periods, which will enable your entire body to recover and get ready for the next training session. Recovery is just as important as the training session itself, and it should be prioritised as you would prioritise a training session.

There are many methods you can apply and add to your training regime that will help you strengthen those weak body parts. But one of the most effective is to prioritise those weak parts and train them first whether in your session or in your training week.