What are 5 benefits of flexibility?

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Flexibility is defined as the ability your joints and limbs have to complete their full range of motion. You lose flexibility with age, so it is important to include flexibility activities in your workout regimen.

The benefits of flexibility

Flexibility is an important aspect of health. Tight muscles can cause problems all over your body. As you become older your muscles will lose strength and size and become stiff and less agile. Stretching at least two to three days per week will help you become more flexible.

There are many physical benefits to be gained from becoming more flexible and agile.

Prevents injuries

Well-developed strength and flexibility will make you capable of withstanding more physical stress. You will be more susceptible to injuries to your tendons, muscles and ligaments if you are less flexible. Not stretching as well as keeping your muscles flexible will cause the tendons around your muscles to stiffen. This causes a reduced range of motion, which makes it easier to go past what you can comfortably do. This could cause strains, sprains or possibly even ruptures. Increased flexibility will reduce the risk of injuring your muscles, ligaments and tendons because of the increase in your range of movement.

Less pain 

Performing some flexibility exercises will lengthen and open your muscles. This will already make you feel better. You will experience fewer pains and aches because your muscles are looser and more relaxed. This will also cause your body to have fewer muscle cramps.

You can experience pain in your back due to tight muscles in the back and lower body. If you improve your flexibility it will help treat and prevent that pain. Tight hamstrings can cause back pain because they pull down the pelvis and this creates pressure for the lower back.

If you find it hard to twist your upper body from side to side, it is probably time to stretch your lower body muscles.

Increased range of motion improves posture and balance

Increasing your muscles’ flexibility will most likely improve your posture. It will also allow for you to be properly aligned and correct imbalances that you might have. An increased range of motion will make it easier to sit as well as stand in particular ways.

Improved posture and a wider range of motion are not the only benefits that flexibility offers. It can make everyday tasks easier such as reaching over heading for something or bending to pick something. It will also make exercising easier.

Increased strength 

Improving your strength when you become more flexible is important. Your muscles should be able to sustain a reasonable amount of strain to be strong and stable enough to support your body and its movements. This allows you to physically be more fit.

Greater physical performance

You will perform better physically when your flexibility has increased and allows for a larger range of motion. This is because your muscles will be working more effectively due to the flexibility training.

Flexibility training is a key part of any workout regime in addition to daily life. It has many benefits that will simply make doing daily tasks much more comfortable.

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