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You might not have heard about perturbation or perturbation techniques before, but they are a great way to add to and change up your normal workout routine. The term perturbation refers to the disturbance of movement, particularly involving balance. In regards to exercise, perturbation techniques can help you to improve your stability, your reflexes, and your agility.

What Is A Perturbation?

As mentioned above, perturbations are when you deliberately influence, change, or disturb your balance during a movement. For example, if you are running along a rugby field with the ball and someone tries to tackle you, you will sidestep and shift your body out of their way while continuing to move. This is a reflexive action that involves your stability and balance.

What Are Perturbation Techniques?

Perturbation exercises or techniques are designed to train the reactions needed to perform those reflexive actions. They are performed on an uneven surface, (such as balance boards, roller boards, or balance disk), with the inclusive of weights on one side of the body to throw off your balance, or with the assistance of a partner who will actively try to change your balance; by gently pushing you so that you must resist them as you perform the exercise or by tapping on areas of your body that are in use to try and distract you. These techniques are all different but can be useful for different exercises or depending on your general fitness level.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - perturbations

How Do Perturbations Help?

Perturbations are extremely useful for anyone, regardless of your fitness level. If you are a professional athlete, improving your reaction time and reflexes will help you to perform better during activity. And if you are someone who exercises regularly, they can help you to improve your general balance and stability. Perturbations are also very useful for people recovering from injuries, particularly concerning joints like the ankle that influence your balance. Lastly, regular perturbation training is great for helping to reduce the risk of falling in older patients and is useful for those with osteoarthritis; improving balance and decreasing pain.

 In conclusion, perturbation exercises are a great way to add more dynamic movement into your workouts while also helping to improve your balance, reflexes and stability.

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