What Are The Benefits Of Strength Training For Women?

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As women, it can be challenging to find useful ways to lose weight. It gets to a point where all the dieting, aerobic exercises, and circuits just don’t seem to be doing the trick. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you put in the work, yet don’t get the results you desire.

Increasing as well as maintaining sufficient muscle mass is one of the best ways for keeping body fat at bay as well as improving overall fitness, specifically as you get older. Strength training – such as lifting weights – is the best way of building muscle mass. However, the number of women who actually take part in any formal or consistent weight-training workout is extremely low. Women who exercise are often to be found spending most of their gym time on cardiovascular exercise.

If your workouts at the moment consist of high energy or yoga classes, but you haven’t seen the results which you’ve been aiming for, you should have a look at resistance training and weight training. You could have heard that weight training can make women appear bulky from building muscle, that it is unsafe or even muscle turning into fat if you stop. None of that is true. In fact it is recommended that – in order to stay healthy – adults should take part in two kinds of physical activity each week: aerobic exercise and strength training.

Strength Training Makes You Physically Stronger

Upping your strength will make you far less dependent on others for help in daily living. Chores will be easier. Lifting children, groceries, as well as laundry, will no longer be pushing you to the max. If your maximum strength is improved, daily tasks in addition to regular exercise will be far less fatiguing and far less likely to cause injury.

Strength Training Helps With Losing Fat

Implementing regular strength training in your exercise routine is one of the quickest ways to lose fat. On average, women store about 10% more body fat as opposed to men. Taking into account the fact that women were made to have babies, this makes sense. However, it can be challenging for women to find effective ways to lower their body fat index.

The average woman who strength-trains between two and three times a week for two months will gain nearly a kilogram of muscle and will lose 1.5 kilograms of fat. As your lean muscle increases, so does your resting metabolism. This enables you to burn increased numbers of calories during the day while you’re not doing anything.

Gain strength Without Bulking

In contrast to men, women usually don’t gain size from strength training. This is owing to levels of testosterone that women have as compared to men. Typically, young women have around 10% of the testosterone which men do. Owing of this, women will develop muscle tone and definition without the size.

Strength training not only sheds centimetres where you don’t want them. It also enables you to build in places where you do want these extra curves. Genetics aren’t the sole factor in your body’s appearance. It is possible for you to manage your appearance with regular resistance training. It can help you slim down, tone up as well as create curves in places that you’ve never had curves before.

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