What Are The Benefits Of Weighted Ab Workouts?

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Having a strong core is exceptionally beneficial for more reasons than having a great six-pack – strong abs can help you with your balance and stability, improve your posture, decrease back pain, and increase your ability to perform during workouts if you are working on your abdominals regularly, whether, for strength or definition, it can be hard to increase intensity after a while. However, one easy way to add some fire into your ab workout is to include weights into your routine. Here are the benefits of adding weights to your ab workouts:

  1. Add Intensity

The first and most obvious, benefit of weighted ab workouts is the increased intensity that they provide to a workout. Whether you are merely looking to boost your normal ab routine or target a specific area with extra intensity, adding weights will give you the burn that you need.

Try: Weighted Straight-Leg Situps using a barbell lifted over your head as you raise yourself up to a seated position.

  1. Cut Out Laziness

No matter what the workout, if you do it too many times in a row, it is easy to get a little lazy when it comes to performing the moves properly. If you are finding yourself being a little slack on your form or counting the last rep even if you didn’t really finish it, adding weights will make the moves you know so well just that bit harder. The weights will make it feel as though you have never done the move before, and you will need to focus on performing them correctly.

Try: Weighted Sit Ups, using a medicine ball held at chest height.

  1. Define Those Lines

We all know how incredibly tough it is to build ab definition, even with a dedicated ab routine. However, one way to help define muscles with greater intensity is to include weights into your routine as weighted ab workouts will help to add that little bit of intensity to help the muscles pop.

Try: Halos, using a kettlebell to circle your head slowly and define those abs.

  1. Whole Body Intensity

Working with weights will not just add intensity to your ab workout, but will also help to work other areas of your body. For example, if you are using kettlebells and moving them above your head, your core is engaged to keep your balance and other muscles are also being worked. This can mean that your workouts can have higher intensity overall.

Try Dumbbell Swing using a dumbbell or kettlebell.

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