What are the best chest exercises for you?

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Chest exercises are mainly made up of pressing movements that are multi-joint exercises. These require the use of the deltoids and triceps as well as the pectorals. They are considered primary exercises because of the movement of the upper arms. The chest exercises are divided up into barbell pressing exercises, machine pressing exercises, fly-type exercises, push-up exercises and dip exercises.

The chest refers to the muscle group known as the pectoralis major. This consists of the upper pectoralis major and the lower pectoralis major.

The below exercises are some of the chest exercises that can be done to build and strengthen the chest as well as the deltoids and arm muscles.

Here are three chest exercises that are great for sculpting your chest muscles.

Chest exercises

Flat fly with dumbbell

Lie supine on a flat bench with your feet flat on the floor and your toes facing forward. Hold the dumbbells  with your arms extended above your chest and your palms facing one another. Your elbows will be slightly bent. Maintain a slightly flexed elbow throughout the exercise.

Slowly lower your arms out of the side of your body until your wrists are lowered to about shoulder level. After you’ve done this, lower your arms back to the starting position. Keep the same shape of the arm and wrists. Make sure that you do as many reps as is necessary for the desired results.

  • Monitor spine and scapular positioning as well as shoulder and elbow motion.
  • Spot under the elbows or on wrists.
  • Cue anterior deltoids and supper pectorals.

Cable Cross Over Standing

To the upper pulleys on the cable cross over machine attach the single-handed “D” grip handles. Stand in the centre of the machine with your feet together or in a lunge position. Pull the cables in a downward motion until your arms are straight. However make sure that you have a slightly flexed elbow. Your palms will be facing on another. Lean slightly forward at the waists and keep your abdominals strongly connected.

Simultaneously lift your arms up towards your shoulders keeping the arms and palms in the same position. Then press down to your starting position keeping your torso in an upright and supported position. To do this, keep your abdominals well connected and your body still throughout the exercise. Perform as many reps as necessary for the desired results.

  • Make sure that your client’s abdominals and lower back are well connected.
  • The client must not hyper extend their shoulders.
  • The arms of the client must move in even directions throughout the exercise.

Machine Bench Press Flat, Incline or Decline

Seated or lying supine on the machine, adjust it so that your lower back is in a comfortable position and that your lower back is in a comfortable position and that your handles are alights right or just below your shoulder level when you sit or lie down. Make sure that your palms are placed symmetrically on either side of the handles.

Press the handles away from your body until your arms are extended. The elbows must not lock. Lower the handles down towards your body so that you reach your starting position. Perform as many reps as necessary for you to achieve your desired results.

  • Ensure that your client’s lower back is firmly pressed against the bench.
  • Cue your elbows and shoulders.

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