What Are The Common Kettlebell Mistakes I Should Avoid?

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When looking for ways in order to improve your muscular endurance as well as speed, it’s generally accepted that you need to include strength training into your weekly workout plan. Kettlebells can be a useful tool to assist you with developing your strength. Whether you’re a new entrant to kettlebell training or are an old hand, injuries can still strike at any time if you’re practising the moves incorrectly.

Here are some common mistakes, that a lot of people make with kettlebells. Avoid these and you’ll be able to reap the maximum benefit from your kettlebell training.

Not Following Correct Movement Progression

Too many individuals attempt exercises which they, and their bodies, are not prepared to properly execute. The most usual area at risk is usually the back. For instance, the kettlebell swing shouldn’t be done until the deadlift is mastered. To avoid injury, be patient with your training and progress slowly. Take up sessions with a coach or personal trainer in order to develop a solid and progressive plan.

Make Sure That You’re Not In An Open Chain Position

Correct technique is an essential factor when you begin loading up exercises with additional weight and try to exert more force as well as power. The smallest of discrepancies movement will be exposed and you risk of injuries occurring will increase.

With this firmly in mind, it is key that you make sure your body is set up in a closed circuit with your spine stable and braced, and hips and shoulders stable is key.

Don’t Squat The Weight Up

Think of the kettlebell swing as a deadlift, in which you drive using your hips. When you bend your knees, your quads take over. This eliminates the main benefits of the kettlebell swing. However, there is an additional for the squat because a proper swing loosens up your hips.

Don’t Take Too-Wide A Stance

All stances are not created in an equal fashion. Overly extended stances during kettlebell swings leave several areas which are vulnerable to injury.

The area of risk to your body are your:

  • Hips,
  • Knees, as well as
  • Lower back.

In order to avoid injury, adopt an athletic stance. An athletic stance may be defined as a stance out of which you would jump.

Don’t Allow Momentum To Shift  Your Weight Forward

This mistake is often seen with the kettlebell swing individuals first start out. The action of a swing brings the person’s weight out in front of the body in its arching movement pathway.

If you don’t have a rock-solid stance, with your feet driving down into the floor, it’s very easy for the momentum of this movement to shift your weight forwards into the balls of the feet which brings your heels up from the ground. This also creates an unstable and uncontrolled movement which will in turn often lead to over-compensation, with you having to re-establish your foot position. It can create issues with load on the spine, which is not ideal.

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