What Do Wellness Coaches Do?

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If we turned around to you and asked you if you would rather be a personal trainer, nutritionist or wellness coach, chances are very good that many of you would turn around and reply: “That’s a silly question – they are all the same!” Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a look.

What Do Personal Trainers Do?

A personal trainer’s job is to teach you how to exercise for your body type. He or she is an expert guru – they know everything about the anatomy, physiology and practice behind exercise. A good trainer should educate and motivate. Think of a trainer as your own personalised fitness coach. As fitness experts at Shape Magazine advise:

“If you’re new to the gym experience, getting a personal trainer is a smart idea. “

What do Nutritionists Do?

A nutritionist, on the other hand, will advise you what to eat based on the goals that you want to achieve health and fitness wise. Nutritionists are not to be confused with dietitians. While they essentially do the same thing – give people advice about what food to eat – dietitians are more medically inclined than nutritionists are.

Wellness Coaches vs Personal Trainers

While both wellness coaches and personal trainers help to motivate their clients to achieve their health and fitness goals, wellness coaches are experts in the art of getting into their clients’ minds, getting to know what makes them tick and motivating them towards exercising that way. Personal trainers go one better and are able to teach their clients the exercises they need to do in order to attain their goals.

Imagine if you had both the skills of being an expert motivator and a personal trainer? Think about the number of clients you’ll be able to help to achieve their health and fitness goals? If this is your dream, then it’s within your grasp…

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