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The term ‘anaerobic’ literally means ‘without air’. This means that anaerobic exercise is an intense exercise and requires the body to use other sources of energy, other than oxygen, to fuel the muscles. Some circumstances require the body to produce energy quicker than oxygen delivery can happen. In these circumstances, other energy sources must be made use of.

Anaerobic exercise is used by energy who compete in short duration, yet high intensity, sports such as sprints or weight lifting. It promotes strength, speed, as well as and muscle mass. This type of exercise leads to enhanced performance for a short duration. It is suitable for extremely intense activities that only last between fractions of a second to two minutes. After this time, oxygen tends to take over as the primary source of fuel.

Anaerobic exercise won’t suit everyone

If you take part in activities or sports which require pacing as well as endurance then anaerobic exercise is not suitable for you. However, if you need training for a sport which necessitates you to have a short burst of intense energy for a very short period training using anaerobic exercise will be beneficial

Sports such as these include the 500- or 100-metre dash or clean-and-jerk weight lifting. It also may be suitable for sports such as football, soccer, hockey as well as basketball. While these sports general requires endurance and aerobic fitness conditioning, these also require short bursts of intense energy at times. This makes anaerobic conditioning appropriate.

Types of anaerobic exercise

Examples of anaerobic exercise include sprinting short distances; doing sit-ups, push-ups or chin-ups in very rapid succession for a short time; or engaging in intense weight lifting.

Benefits of anaerobic exercise

Helps to prevent health problems

Strength training – which is a form of anaerobic exercise – helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and lower back pain. Even if you are already afflicted with one of these illnesses, strength training can help to alleviate the ailment. Besides strength training strengthens your immune system.

Builds as well as maintains lean muscle mass

Losing lean muscle mass can start as early as your mid-20s. This causes a loss of strength, a slower metabolism as well as decreased functional fitness. Losing lean muscle mass is not the typical result of ageing – it’s mainly the result of a lifestyle which is sedentary. If you don’t make use of your muscles, they become weaker. Strength training is the most efficient way to build as well as maintain lean muscle mass. This type of training allows you to stay healthy as well as functionally fit.

Increases bone strength as well as density

Millions of people globally have osteoporosis. Eating dairy products as well as taking calcium supplements to improve bone strength and mass is not enough. Bones need to be challenged by weight-bearing exercises, or they will become soft and brittle. Strength training will increase the strength and density of your bone s more than any exercise

Increases metabolism

The slower that your metabolism is, the easier it is to gain body fat and the harder it is to lose it. Strength training boosts metabolism because it builds and maintains lean muscle mass. This type of muscle mass is metabolically active tissue so the more lean muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be.

Reshapes the body as well as improving the appearance

No other type of exercise can reshape your body and improve your appearance like strength training can. This type of training will give you a healthy, toned and athletic-looking body.

Anaerobic exercises push your body and lungs to rely on energy sources which are stored in your muscles. Individuals may avoid anaerobic training as it is difficult. However, by practising simple anaerobic exercises, you can reap the benefits of this powerful workout.

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