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There have been many great boxers of our time. Muhammed Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson… The list goes on. However, you don’t have to be a professional boxer to reap the benefits of boxing. In this article, we’ll take a look at what these benefits are and why you should consider taking up boxing as an addition to your fitness routine.

What are the fitness benefits of boxing?

There are loads of benefits to boxing other than becoming nimbler on your feet. Here are some of them.

Boxing is a great cardiovascular workout

You’ve probably only ever thought about a cardiovascular workout as working out on a treadmill or taking a spinning class. You’d be forgiven if you said yes because that’s what so many other people associate the term cardiovascular with.

But what a cardio workout is, is in fact any workout that gets your heart rate up and causes you to break out in a bit of a sweat. So while a spin class causes you to perspire heavily and spikes your heart rate up, a boxing class does so as well.

Think about it: participants in boxing classes are always moving and are either moving their legs, arms or both at the same time. Even if a boxer is working out by themselves with a punching bag, they are still exerting a lot of effort in order to exert the force necessary to punch the bag. This gets their heart rate up.

It’s a great strength workout

Boxing is great way to develop the strength in your upper body and core. This is because when you punch the bag, your upper body and core contract at the moment of impact. As we all know, the way in which resistance or strength training works is that it requires the muscle to contract against an external resistance. This then makes boxing  a great strength workout!

Trifocus fitness academy - Boxing benefits

Boxing helps with hand-eye coordination

You’ve probably not thought about the benefits of good hand-eye coordination since you were a kid, but this is incredibly important to maintain in your adulthood. This is because if you have good hand-eye coordination you will have better reflexes. This will help immensely with your reaction time in avoiding an accident or preventing something from falling as you’re able to catch it.

Boxing = decreased stress!

Have you ever had one of those days when all you want to do is punch someone to make yourself feel better? Well, instead of throwing that punch – and probably landing up in jail – why not get yourself to a boxing class to work out your frustrations on a punching bag? We guarantee that you’ll feel a million times better when you leave the class!

Boxing leads to better body composition

As boxing combines strength training with cardio, it is the perfect exercise to improve body composition. The result of this is that you’ll look and feel a million times better than when you started with boxing.

Given all the benefits of boxing that we’ve listed above, we really recommend that you take up boxing for fitness. Most gyms do provide boxing classes so you won’t need to look far. Want to become a boxing instructor yourself? Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Boxing Instructor Certification Course is just the course to turn you into a boxing instructor that people will flock to! For more information about this and our other online fitness courses, please visit our website.

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