What is Mind and Body Exercise?

mind body exercise
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In the early 1990s, the fitness community defined ‘mind and body exercise’ as ‘physical exercise that is executed with a profound amount of directed focus’. There are basically five characteristics of mind and body exercise:

  • Concentration on muscular movements,
  • Inner mental focus,
  • Synchronising your movements with breathing patterns,
  • The belief in life energy (chi), and
  • Attention to form and alignment.

Any mind and body exercise will typically have one or even more of the before-mentioned characteristics.
You may ask: “Can’t a sprinter sprint with a lot of inner mental focus? Wouldn’t a body builder have to pay attention to breathing and technique/form? Is there a difference between a mindful swimmer and a mindful Tai Chi practitioner?”

Mind Body Exercise

mind and body exercise

The Main Difference Between A Mind and Body Exercise Practitioner and A ‘Normal’ Personal Trainer

The difference betgween a mind and body exercise practitioner and a personal trainer is in the state of mind that the mind and body exercise practitioner brings to mind-body practices. This state of mind is much more than simply concentration or mental attention but it is quite difficult to define.

The lack of a proper definition does not mean that the state of mind doesn’t exist. Modern technology and state-of-the-art instruments allow us to test what changes happen physiologically that are influenced by your state of mind. Only once we have a better understanding of exactly what mind and body focus consists of, we can incorporate this into conventional fitness activities.

Other Experts in the Industry will Debunk the Claims of Mind and Body Exercise

They will do this by asking what the difference is between mind-body exercise and regular exercise. They will also say that there is no way to measure a real difference between the two. At the same time, a body-builder can be very mindful by focusing their breathing and concentration, as well as focusing on their technique.

Why Become a Mind and Body Exercise Instructor?

The world of mind-body instruction is exploding and you need to get on the bandwagon if you want to make a difference in the exercise lives of the greater population.

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Yoga Certification offers the best introduction to Yoga out there. Modules include:

Mind and Body Exercise Module #1: History of Yoga

• Learn about how Yoga has developed during the:

– Vedic period
– Classical Yoga Period
– The Post Classical Yoga Period

Mind and Body Exercise Module #2: Yoga Philosophy

• Learn about the six classical schools of Yogic philosophy.
• Discover what Vedanta concentrates on.
• Unpack the intertwined nature of Prakriti and Purusha.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #3: Anatomy and physiology

• Analyse the anatomy of movement.
• Identify the anatomy of the human body.
• Explain how joints, bones and muscles move.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #41: Bandhas

• Discover what bandhas are.
• Learn how bandhas are used.
• Unpack what the three types of bandhas are.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #5: Different types of meditation techniques

• Learn how to perform walking meditation.
• Discover how to become aware of your body in meditation.
• Discern the different poses in which you can meditate.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #6: Hatha Yoga Asanas

• Learn to describe the different types of Asanas as well as the preparatory poses for each Asana.
• Discover the benefits of counterposes.
• Realise why you should balance strength and flexibility Asanas.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #7: Kriya Yoga

• Learn about the origins of Kriya Yoga.
• Discover the ins and outs of the Shat Karmas.
• Know which Shat Karmas you can teach when.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #8: Mantra

• Learn about the origin of Mantra.
• Discover how you can attain Samyama.
• Unpack the significance of OM in Yoga.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #9: Eight limbs of Yoga

• Learn what are the eight limbs of the Sutras.
• Discover the significance of the eight limbs of the Sutras in Yoga.
• Be able to distinguish between the Ashtanga Marga should not be confused with Ashtanga Yoga.

Mind and Body Exercise Module #10 The three gunas

• Discover the significance of the three gunas.
• Learn what the three gunas are called.
• Discover the significance of the three gunas.

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