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Sport and fitness management encompasses a range of exercise-related concepts, making it an ideal field for exercise and sports fanatics who aspire to careers in sports. Depending on how these professionals choose to specialise after completing their sports management courses, sports managers can dive into anything from managing sports teams to running a gym, personal training, group fitness instruction, and more. Let’s break sports and fitness management down, and look at how combining the two sides of the profession could lead to sports industry success:

Sport and fitness management

Sports Management

This side of sport and fitness management deals primarily with the act of playing sports, and the administrative side behind sports training and hosting sporting events. Sports managers have a passion for sport in general – though their favourite sport might attract them more than others. A sports manager can apply for roles that include school sports coach or head of sport, manager of a gym, and freelance lifestyle & fitness event co-ordinators.

Popular Trifocus Fitness Academy Courses on Sports Management:


Modules on this course include:

  • How a sports manager should communicate.
  • What ethical behaviour and discipline looks like in a sporting environment
  • How to manage disability in sports
  • How to manage the sporting environment
  • How HR is dealt with in sports
  • How to deal with HIV and AIDS in sports
  • How to manage and administer sporting tournaments
  • How to carry out personal developmental training
  • What is safety and security in sports management
  • How to market sports and fitness

Fitness Management

Sports management is about the sport, but fitness management is about ensuring the athletes can play sport. As a more hands-on side of this profession, fitness management professionals are equally passionate about sport – but they enjoy managing the mechanics of playing sport and exercising. Fitness managers include personal trainers, group fitness instructors, gym managers, fitness centre owners, and life coaches.

Popular Trifocus Fitness Academy Courses on Fitness Management:


Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn on this course:

  • Anatomy and biomechanics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Sport and exercise physiology
  • Nutrition fundamentals
  • Physical Assessments
  • Health screening
  • Motivation techniques
  • Operate professionally in a fitness environment
  • The organisation in the workspace
  • Wellness concepts in fitness
  • Assist clientele with special needs
  • Entrepreneurship in the fitness industry
  • Exercise programme design
  • Sociology and the workplace
  • Disabilities in sport
  • Lead and instruct exercise programmes
  • Fitness equipment maintenance
  • Communication skills in fitness
  • Teamwork in the fitness environment
  • Operate a computer
  • Research project preparation
  • Personal development training
  • Understand intra-personal dynamics.
  • Understand interpersonal dynamics.
  • Bring about personal behavioural changes.
  • Identify special populations’ nutritional requirements.
  • Describe the nutritional value of health-enhancing supplementation.
  • Understanding Common injuries, illnesses and special considerations
  • Training special populations (pregnant, clients, elderly clients and children)
  • Strategies for behaviour change and lifestyle coaching
  • Periodise training and plan the training year


Here are the modules for this course:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Concepts of Fitness
  • Assessments
  • Nutrition fundamentals

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With so many overlapping sides to sport and fitness management, it’s no wonder the two have been combined into one broad field. So, when studying broad courses in sports and fitness management, professionals have more job opportunities when breaking into the fitness industry. Get a fitness qualification today, and leave your mark on the sport and fitness world!

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