What Is The Power Of Resistance Band Training?

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It is quite hard to look at a little band next to a big dumbbell and believe that it is a highly effective sort of resistance training.  However, resistance band training is a great strength training tool. They could be small and unassuming however the power that they have sneaks up on you. Just one band can be used in order to strengthen all major muscle groups.

If you’re looking to set up a home gym, to train outdoors, or even in the gym to shift or mix it up, resistance bands are the absolute perfect addition. Resistance bands take up a little space – or no space – at all, are portable to be utilised anywhere, and have unlimited movement possibilities.

The Start Of Resistance Band Training

Resistance band training originated in the early part of the 1900s and these bands were made from surgical tubing. Their original purpose was muscle rehabilitation, although the photos from exercises at that time look quite similar to exercises that are used for strength today. The bands made a comeback in the fitness market during the 1990s and they have continued to increase in popularity.

Types Of Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands With Handles

These tube bands are mainly used for working out and building muscle strength as well as size. The handles offer a sturdy grip and allow for a number of different exercises, like what you may do in the gym with free weights or machines.

Therapy Flat Resistance Bands

These are frequently found in therapy situations, such as a physical therapist or sports therapist offices. They are broad and flat, which makes them very easy to wrap around your hand and adjust the length easily. These bands can also be cut into smaller pieces or used in order to stretch.

Loop Bands

These bands are very similar to therapy bands, however, are smaller and are in a closed loop. These are mainly used for strengthening the legs and buttocks.

Leg & Arm Tube Resistance Bands

These closed-loop tube bands come in a number of different variations, such as leg bands with ankle cuffs as well as figure-eight shapes with handles for the upper body. These are more muscle-specific and are limited in the variety of exercises that can be performed.

Power & Mobility Bands

These heavy-duty bands loop bands are most used for cross-training and with power lifting. They are also utilised for stretching as well as correcting mobility issues, adding variable resistance to weight training, and pull-up assistance.

Owing to the great versatility of resistance bands, these bands are also more efficient. A bicep curl using a dumbbell is a fixed motion and the muscles utilised are predictable. Add in the instability of the band, and muscle fibres all over your arms and shoulders kick in to make sure that the band is kept stable.

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