What Is The V-Sit Exercise? Find out more in this article.

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Let’s face it. While traditional crunches and planks are robust muscle-building moves, they could get boring after a while. That’s where v-sit-up exercises come in. Not only are they a completely different move to include into your core workouts, but they also have fun variations which you can try

The V-sit ab exercise is responsible for building core strength through working multiple areas of the core simultaneously while also testing your balance. In this ab exercise, you will sit with your legs extended and your torso off the ground and your body forming a V shape.

If you are a beginner at the V-sit exercise you will be able to modify it to use a little bit of assistance from your hands or perform it with bent legs. Intermediate exercisers could add this exercise to abdominal and core workouts.

What Are The Benefits Of The V-Sit Exercise?

The V-sit is a super-effective way of targeting the:

  • Rectus abdominis,
  • External obliques,
  • Internal obliques, as well as
  • Hip flexors.

This is all while improving your core and trunk balance. You are not alone if you are not able to do more than 10 to 12 of the V-sit ab exercise prior to you reaching failure. If you feel the burn it means that the exercise is working.

Growing your core strength, balance, as well as coordination, may assist you with maintaining good posture, catching yourself so that you can avoid falls and performing better at a number of different physical activities.

For those of you who’ve done yoga or Pilates before, this movement will look a bit familiar. It’s very similar to the Boat Pose and also adds an added lift of the arms and legs in order to move into a V-shaped position.

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How To Do The V-Sit Exercise

Begin in a seated position and have your knees bent and your feet off the floor. Your chest needs to be open and lifted. As we’ve said before, this is similar to a modified Boat pose which you’ll do in yoga.

With your arms by your sides, gradually unfold from your seated v by – at the same time – lowering your torso and legs towards the floor. Stop when your legs are just about at a 45-degree angle, or when you feel that your lower back is curving away from the mat. Make sure that you keep your head and shoulders off the floor as well as your lower back pressed firmly into the mat.

With your core being tight and tucked, make use of your abs in order to return to your starting position. Repeat for one minute and keep your abs engaged as you do this move rather than relying on gravity. If the move gets too hard, keep your knees bent as you lower down.

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