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Being a top personal trainer in South Africa (SA) is an extremely sought-after profession. Not only do they earn a lot of money and can, effectively, write their own pay checks they can work when it suits them. However, enjoying the perks of being a personal trainer – and being the most sought-after trainer in South Africa – doesn’t come without hard work, dedication and the right personality type. In this article, we’ll take a look at what it would take for you to become the top personal trainer in SA.

A love for fitness

Before you even consider becoming a personal trainer you need to ask yourself a very serious question: Do I love fitness? Do I love being in the gym more than behind a computer? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you know that you’re on the right path.

A client has a certain expectation of a personal trainer. They expect them to look the way that they want to. For example, a client will expect a male trainer to have toned and buff arms and pectorals. Clients want to see that the trainer has achieved a level of fitness and health that they want to. They want to see that the personal trainer has the dedication to achieve their fitness goals. If they can do it, they’ll be able to help their clients get there too.

A recognised qualification

To be the best personal trainer that you can be, you need to have the backing of a fitness qualification that is recognised by industry bodies such as CATHSSETA, SAQA and REPPSA. The reason for this is that potential employers and clients will look at you, when you’re armed with a qualification such as this, and will snap you up in an instant or will beg to be trained by you.


Because if you have a recognised and accredited qualification such as this, they know that you’ll deliver the best-quality training. A recognised and endorsed qualification becomes your calling card as well as your competitive advantage.

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Becoming fit, losing weight or bulking up doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes no progress is seen for weeks on end which could cause clients to become de-motivated and stop their training altogether. To keep them on the right path with their training, personal trainers will need to have incredible motivation skills.

Related to this, personal trainers must also see when their clients can’t push anymore. They can’t always adopt drill sergeant-like motivation, telling clients that it’s just in their mind that they want to give up. For example, during an exercise a client may have injured themselves or a particular exercise may have exacerbated and old injury. In this situation, it’s actually quite dangerous for the client to keep on doing the same exercise as this may cause them further serious injury and possibly even require surgery.

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