What Should Beginner Weight Lifters Know?

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Feel the burn! Get some! Pump it! These are typical phrases you’ll hear in the free-weights section of most fitness centres. This is where the serious weight lifters gather, pumping dumbbells and barbells of various weights in an effort to sculpt that perfect physique. If you’re just starting out on your journey to bigger biceps and popping pectorals, the below pointers are going to make your introduction to the weight lifting world so much easier:

Weight lifting pointers

Water for the Win

Did you know that muscles are comprised of around 75% water? Everyone knows that you lose water through perspiration while exercising, but many weight lifters fail to replace that lost water once finishing their workout. So, the first thing you’ll want to invest in is a nice big water bottle. We recommend at least 500ml. Not a huge fan of water? Weigh yourself before working out and then afterwards. The difference between your pre-workout weight and post-workout weight is how much water you’ve lost (and should replace).

Know Your Limits

The biggest mistake beginner weight lifters make is trying to go too big too soon. Keep in mind that your body isn’t used to the muscular assault you’re putting it under when beginning your weight-lifting journey. Many beginners want to impress the seasoned weight lifters surrounding them at the free weight section and hurt themselves with weights that are too heavy for their strength level. So, start with light weights (like all weight lifters did when starting out) and slowly increase your weight load over time.

Trifocus fitness academy - weight lifters

Be a Team Player

The first thing you’ll notice about most gyms is that they aren’t exactly the social places you thought they might be (almost everyone wears earphones). However, there are some who still like to interact with others, especially in the free-weights section. Ever heard of spotting? This is when you stand close to someone lifting heavy weights so as to assist them should they not be able to complete their whole set. Spotters are vital for ensuring weight lifters don’t injure themselves. So be a sport and spot someone who asks or who might be struggling. They will surely spot you in return!

Remember Your Towel

All gyms require that you bring a towel along to each training session. Why? Well, people sweat when they exercise and that sweat is often left on the equipment. Nobody wants to touch everyone else’s sweat so keep a small hand towel (bigger than a face cloth but smaller than a bath towel) close by at all times while lifting weights.

Mix Things Up

Our fifth and final pointer for beginner weight lifters involves the actual exercises you’ll be doing. Avoid falling into a rut where you’re doing the same exercises day in and day out. The routines will certainly train your muscles but they’ll become used to the repetition. Then, once you try a different movement down the line, you might struggle more than you’d hoped. So, from the start, try and spice your workouts up with different types of arm, chest, leg and back exercises. Get advice from your fellow weight lifters, or chat to a personal trainer about your weight lifting goals and the types of movements you could use to achieve them.

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