What You Should Expect from a Career in Life Coaching

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So you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career as a life coach? This is excellent news! Why? Because life coaching – as a profession – can be incredibly rewarding. However, to guarantee that it IS all that you expect it to be, you need to  know a few things first.

The truth Behind Being a Life Coach

What Does a Life Coach do?

Life coaching isn’t like therapy. Whereas the goal of therapy is for you to come up with the answers to whatever is plaguing you, yourself, while the therapist remains an objective outsider a life coach walks with you along your path helping you to brainstorm ideas of how to fix whatever is ailing you and give ideas.

Expert life coaches agree:

“A life coach is great at helping you interpret your dreams and ideas, and organize them into tangible goals. In a way, they help you to connect what your head is saying and what your heart is saying to find some agreement between the two that points toward your passions.”

How to Succeed in the Life Coaching Profession

In order to succeed as a life coach, you need to have an accredited Life Coaching Certification behind your name.

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Life Coaching Certification  – which is accredited with Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (Comensa) as well as the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA) – offers a thorough grounding in life coaching.

Among others, on this course, you’ll learn how to:

• Interview your client in a sensitive manner.
• Interpret what your client has told you.
• Help your client set realistic goals.
• Help your clients learn the tools of properly assessing why they want to follow a particular career path.
• Learn how to assess clients’ communication skills.
• Teach your client about wellness.
• Unpack wellness concepts for your client.
• Develop your listening skills.
• Put yourself in your clients’ shoes.
• Ask questions that manner.

Learn How to Market Yourself as a Life Coaching Professional

You can be the best life coach out there but unless people know about you, and the fact that you offer life coaching services, your business won’t succeed.

One of the best ways to market yourself – especially if you have a limited budget – is to use social media as this is free to use.

Another great way of getting your brand out there is putting up a website on which you publish articles that showcase your expertise. The more you publish articles, the more you will climb up the Google rankings. This will make it easier for potential clients to find you.

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If you are interested in finding a great life coaching course, look no further than Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Life Coaching Certification!

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