Where Can I find South Africa’s Top Personal Training Course?

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While you may have the pick of the batch when it comes to your choice in personal training courses, giving yourself the best possible start to your career means finding the one that offers you the most in terms of skills, an understanding of the qualities of the fitness industry and of course, accreditation.

With the right qualification behind you, you could pursue a fitness career working with high-profile clients both here and abroad, and will have everything you need to ensure that your fitness business is a success.

So which course gives you the best shot at success?

Our personal training diploma and platinum package is arguable the best one available in the South African market.

Personal Training Diploma: The Platinum Package

The platinum personal training package offered by the Trifocus Fitness Academy gives budding fitness professionals a complete set of skills necessary to be an effective trainer, and to run their own businesses with the best chance of success. Complete with international accreditation from REPSSA, CATHSSETA and SAQA, no field of professional fitness will be out of your reach when you hold this qualification.

So let’s take a closer look at what this course offers:

A Personal Training Diploma & National Certificate of Fitness

The platinum package personal trainers course offers an encompassing set of modules that are essential to an understanding of professional fitness and includes topics covering anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, conducting physical assessments and health screening, motivation, and wellness concepts.

This course also covers essentials for managing yourself as a fitness professional, such as entrepreneurship, designing exercise programmes, as well as coaching for special needs and population groups such as the elderly or disabled.

Beyond this, the platinum course also covers a range of specialist skills that allow you to focus on particular segments of fitness; including a group instructors course, an online Bootcamp course, a sports psychology course, life coaching, a specialised course in nutrition and a course on social media marketing for the fitness industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how this enhances the quality of your qualification when doing the platinum course:

Trifocus Fitness Academy - personal training course

Group Instructor Course

A group instructor course will allow you to specialise in workshops and sessions that train groups of people. These group instructor courses include specifics on Yoga, boxing instruction, kettlebell courses and more.

Online Bootcamp Course

The comprehensive Bootcamp course includes drills, how to set a Bootcamp up, offers information on the nuances of group instruction and offers practical instruction on how to facilitate effective and profitable outdoor Bootcamps; an excellent addition to the repertoire of any personal trainer.

Sports Psychology Course

The Sports Psychology course offers specialised information for mental skills training and what a coach’s role is in this regard.

It imparts knowledge on how to work with and motivate groups, teams and individuals, how to deal with sports industries, and how to combat discrimination on the fitness industry.

Life Coaching Certificate

The life coaching segment of the platinum course includes information on how to assess the needs of your clients, will give you the tools needed to conduct career coaching,  offers an understanding of the principles of wellness coaching, relationship coaching, establishing a beneficial client/coach relationship, time management principles and matching skills to ideal tasks or jobs.

UK Sports Nutrition Diploma

This segment of the platinum personal training course will outfit you with specific knowledge for understanding the relationship between proper nutrition and performance in exercise. It gives you a complete overview of how nutrition relates to wellness and sports, and how to assess and design specialised nutrition plans.

Social Media Management Course

The platinum course also outfits you with the tools and knowledge to conduct effective social advertising for your business or fitness brand.

This segment of the package includes modules relating to content creation for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to draw in clients and create interest around your fitness business.

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