Which Personal Training Course is the Best in South Africa?

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If you are looking to become a personal trainer then you have no doubt been scouring the web for options in terms of courses you can attend and what they have to offer you.

South Africa has a range of approaches to entering into the professional fitness world; and while the one you select will largely depend on your abilities, goals and needs, there are some that offer superior knowledge, understanding, accreditation and opportunities to others.

So to help you get the most out of your personal training course, here is a little information on what makes for a good one, and which one you should strongly consider opting into:

Personal Training Certificate or Diploma

Various courses offer differing types of accreditation from certification to internationally recognised diplomas. While each is excellent for building a set of career opportunities in fitness for yourself, they do offer different things, particularly where a complete body of knowledge and forms of specialisation are concerned.

The difference between certification and a diploma is the difference between becoming a personal trainer and mastering the discipline, with the diploma giving you added courses to master in this regard; making specialisation simple for you.

Top tier training programmes see no reason to sacrifice one for the other, offering both personal training certification as well as a national diploma of fitness.

More Ways to Learn

While a base-tier personal training course will offer you what you need to know to get started in the industry, a top-tier one will offer so much more; giving you a more complete set of skills to take to the fitness market.

Consider that a regular course offers occupational skills, a group instructor course and a REPSSA membership; now compare that to a platinum package that offers the same thing alongside a diploma, certification, a sports psychology course, life coaching skills, a nutrition diploma and the knowledge you need to run and market your own fitness business, and it becomes easy to see why a more comprehensive course is all the more valuable.

Trifocus fitness academy - Personal training course

Career Opportunities

Top-tier courses also afford you the best career opportunities, and let’s be honest, that is likely your desired outcome when taking a personal training course.

 With the right set of specialised skills under your belt, you will be given plenty of opportunities to find your fortune locally, or even through working abroad.

You may consider becoming an instructor at a local or international gym, practice on cruise-liners or in fitness facilities, or may even choose to open up your own private practice.

The Way You Study

For many embarking on courses that outfit them for careers in the world of fitness, the method of study is as important as what is being learned.

If you are making a career change or lack the time and resources to physically attend lessons each day, then it is a good idea to look for a course that allows you to study according to your schedule, from anywhere that suits you.

The twenty-first century digital age has brought with it new and exciting approaches to learning, most notable of which is the ability to study online.

The best personal training courses should therefore offer you the flexibility of doing just this, by making their learning materials and assessment programmes online

So Which One is the Best?

With all of this in mind, it should be a little easier selecting a fitness course that is not only right for you, but also offers you the most in terms of an understanding of the industry, both local and international accreditation, a collection of specialised skill-sets and also the most exciting and lucrative career opportunities.

Finding a personal training course that meets these needs, means finding one with the most comprehensive offers on both learning material, studying methods and accreditation (both locally and abroad).

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