Why a career in Fitness is more Satisfying than an Office-Bound One

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Choosing and settling into a career choice is something that will determine, to a large extent, how satisfying a life a person leads.

This makes sense since we spend roughly nine hours a day, forty hours a week,  two-thousand and eighty hours a year, or ninety thousand hours over a lifetime, working.

If you spend all of that time doing a job that gives you no satisfaction, that’s a third of life leading to a lack of fulfillment.

The thought of sitting in an office, beneath a fluorescent tube typing away with a machine-like efficacy  to meet the daily quota of sameness is a rightly harrowing concept for some; for those same people the necessity of a secure and structured lifestyle makes the corporate conveyor belt a necessary evil.

If you have the inclination, the fitness industry offers benefits from both worlds, providing a career that is both secure and rewarding.

With a timelessly demanded set of skills, personal trainers are able to carve careers for themselves that keep them satisfied, and here are the reasons why:

You’re Only Bound to Where you Go

Let’s deal with the work-environment elephant in the room first. The face of an office lifestyle is one in a grey cubicle, mounted to your desk like a mantle-piece for the rest of your life. There’s no need to go into detail as to why satisfaction in a setting like that can be difficult to find.

The world of fitness, by its very definition is about movement. It requires the use of open, active environments.

Furthermore,  personal trainers move from place to place depending on the specifics of their job.

If variety is the spice of life, a career in fitness allows you to get more of it than most.

Desk Jobs are just not Active

Do you know what makes staying fit so difficult for some people? The fact that it doesn’t fit snugly into a daily routine that’s already tightly packed.

The worst part is, that physically speaking, those daily schedules are packed with activities that require no, well, activity.

Despite being an unhealthy way to live it has also become a dangerously common one.

There are still plenty of those who find the time to stay active as part of a balanced lifestyle; but there are those too who make it part of their daily schedule by default.

Those working in the fitness industry.

Trifocus fitness academy - career in fitness

You Won’t Be Feeding a Monster

You probably know the metaphor (especially if you have a desk-job), that working in an office often feels like you’re feeding a monster. You just keep doing the same thing and sending it off, from where it is never heard from again.

It’s like you’re preparing meals for some ravenous unseen beast outside with a hunger that cannot be satiated.

A career in fitness, offers satisfaction in that you can directly see the results of your hard work. You are dealing with people when you train them, and you go through the journey of becoming and staying fit alongside them.

If you want to know what satisfaction feels like, try getting someone to accomplish something that they never thought they could do.

You are Genuinely Helping People

While we’re on the topic of helping people, let’s explore what that very act does for you.

There is a vast difference between performing well at work and being recognised for the kind of person you are. When you help somebody, the results are rewarding, it makes you feel good.

For many, helping people is something that they go out of their way to do; it’s something that they only do without thought, when it comes to close friends and family.

It’s not always easy doing it for people you don’t know, on a regular basis, and while no one wants to admit it openly; that’s fair.

When you make helping people a part of your daily job, it becomes much easier. And yes, you are doing a job, which makes it a little different, but that won’t make it any less rewarding.

People will reach their most seemingly achievable personal goals because of you, and will have you to thank for that; and there is a very strong sense of satisfaction for personal trainers each time you see a person transform because of your hard work.

Do You Need a Career Change?

Whether you are just entering the work world or are looking for a career change that will improve your quality of life, the professional world of fitness is always a great avenue to take.

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