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Most trainee personal trainers study anatomy because they have to rather than because they want to. This means that once the exams are over, the book gets closed, and anatomy becomes a distant memory. However, having a thorough understanding of anatomy can go a long way towards helping a personal trainer to design the ideal training programme for a client, correcting their posture or, even, assisting a friend or family member push past a chronic pain that has been bothering them for years.

With the correct education as well as motivation to have a good understanding of the human body, personal trainer can form a unique skill that allows them to think visually when providing rehabilitation services. This ability assists them with increasing a client’s range of motion and with instructing their clients on an exercise that targets the area that they want to work on.

Anatomy is not just about the exercises

When we train at the gym, or in a sports facility, we are not just performing a series of exercises. We have selected these exercises for a reason. This reason is anatomy and physiology:

  • The term ‘anatomy’ refers to the branch of science that is concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals as well as other living organisms. You’re able to get a closer look at an organism’s anatomy by dissecting it and separating its parts.
  • When we speak about ‘physiology’ we’re referring to the branch of biology which deals with the normal functions of living organisms as well as their parts. Put another way, ‘anatomy’ refers to the way in which a living organism – or bodily part – functions.

Put in personal training terms, when you do a bicep curl you are not simply doing a bicep curl. Yes, you’re performing this exercise however while you’re doing this you’re adapting your muscle fibres, energy systems, and nervous system in order to be able to lift the weight.

Future qualifications

Every stratum of the fitness industry builds on the previous one. To truly excel in this industry, having a qualification on paper is not enough. You also need to have the underpinning knowledge to make the next level achievable.

When you’re starting out in the personal training industry, find a seasoned trainer who knows their way around the gym or health club. In addition, he or she must be willing to show you the ropes. As you get started, don’t be afraid to have more than one mentor or to change mentors throughout your personal training career. A mentor shines in an area where you feel weak. This means that as you progress you will most probably need someone who has a different knowledge base or, alternatively, another set of skills.

A mentoring relationship can take a range of forms, such as a shadowing experience, regular check-in conversations, or occasional advice when a problem presents itself. Good mentors will offer encouragement and motivation to help you build your skills as a personal trainer

Trifocus Fitness Academy - anatomy

What you should look for in a fitness mentor

Your fitness mentor is the person who you will be working closely with. You have to be compatible with this person. If you are not, the relationship can feel strained or forced. Finding the right fitness mentor does take a bit of time so don’t discount a relationship too quickly. However, pay attention to any cues that could indicate long-term conflict. Don’t be scared of voicing your concerns or ending the relationship. Chances are, you and your mentor are both feeling the same way.

What does a fitness mentor do?

A fitness mentor helps you to step outside your comfort zone. You don’t want a clone of yourself or your best friend as a mentor. You need diversity to make sure you’re getting a true different perspective on things.

It’s not about finding a mentor with the most years of experience or the fanciest title. It’s about finding a mentor with the knowledge and expertise that will help  you on your journey. You want a mentor with enough experience to assist you to navigate any challenges that you’re facing however this doesn’t always mean that this person needs to have the most years of work on their CV.

As you will be telling your mentor things in confidence trust is of utmost importance. This trust should go both ways because the relationship will be the most successful when they trust you as well. Build on this mutual trust to get the most out of your relationship.

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